37/101 Things To Do in 2020

Morning of the year 2021. Bye Wawasan 2020. The year 2020 was really, like no other year I've ever lived. The year of Covid-19. The New Normal year. I just checked how many things I got done in 2020 as compared to the year 2019... 2019: 24/67 2020: 37/101 When calculated into percentages, the year 2020 is still higher than 2019 by 1%. So I guess the size of the list doesn't really affect the rate of success in completing the list #dataislife That said, I'm still going to make a list of 101 Things To Do this year. I haven't started yet, but I've had some things in mind. Recapping 2020...  Well, 2020 is the year where I became so much fairer. Ahaha. I nearly got back the skin tone I had 12 years ago. I had quite a long break from chlorine, which helps my skin a lot. I cook more. I learned about business more. I reconnected with friends from the good ol days. I made more friends from the swimming industry. I finally registered a rehab company of my own. I gave/ donated

The New Normal

is wearing face masks when you go out.  Quick trip to Eco Shop lining up to get inside premises. If you notice, I actually lined up 2 meters apart. Iz said I really looked like an mco newbie... Coz I stood too far away. When we actually live in the same house, came from the same place... Pasar Borong Selangor limited customers per entry. This is at Pasar Borong Selangor. Felt quite anxious of losing it... It was also my first time going out since mco. scan QR Code or write your name everytime before entering premises. No need to screenshot but I did... As a keepsake on this moment. Kedai budget

RMCO Day 03

Hello RMCO DAY 03! Writing it like this made it look like ooh... we're just in day 3, not that long la we've been undergoing this thingy. But in reality, it is already 85 DAYS since we had to #stayhome #staysafe #kitajagakita #kitamestimenang But DAY 03 also meant lesser roadblocks, police officers and armies got a bit of relief... I even read a friend of mine is happy her police husband is finally coming home. Husband and wife united, living under one roof after being separated due to the no state crossing rule previously... A friend stayed alone with her baby for months since her husband couldn't cross state to come to her... A friend couldn't come home for months, working as a doctor in another state... Seriously, who knew traveling interstate would one day be an offence? Like you'd get fined for doing so. Balik kampung also an offence. Now I came to think of it, previous years commercial ads kept promoting to 'balik kampung' like no matter how important

Hello RMCO! And swimming pools are not opened... yet.

So today is the first day of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)... 10th June 2020 to 31st August 2020. Came to think of it, almost 80% of the year 2020 we #stayathome #staysafe #kitamestimenang . It's actually DAY 83 today. We started with MCO, CMCO, and now RMCO... It has been a long journey, yes. Some changes in this phase are we are allowed to travel to other states (in Malaysia only), hotels will be opened, some sports are allowed, you can go cut your hair at a salon... BUT SWIMMING IS STILL A NO-NO. They simply put.... "Aktiviti dalam kolam renang" And that, made us swimming instructors outraged, just to exaggerate . But really, we are! The reason is because of 'Mass Gathering'. Like what....... Pfft. OKAY. I wasn't satisfied too so I made a post on Facebook stating my opinion. And I'm writing about it more here... Obviously I am not settled yet aha... Of course la MASS GATHERING . Because you think of the swimming pool as a place to main-main air

Melemang first time!

Pertama kali bakar lemang. A post on what I learnt from my first experience making lemang from scratch...  Beli buluh yang dah siap ada daun pisang dalamnya! Because... You gotta have SKILLS to insert the pandan leaf inside the bamboo. Ya, ada caranya... Try to Google 'cara masukkan daun pisang dalam buluh' . There is a specific way to insert it. We're not skillful yet so it was a hassle to insert the banana leaf inside the bamboo! No wonder my mum made a BIG FUSS when we bought only the bamboos... I was thinking apa susah... Mana-mana pun ada jual, kebun pisang also got around our neighbourhood...  Got to have a frame/ pancang bakar lemang. We already prepared the fire woods earlier (we trimmed our rambutan tree few weeks ago) but the iron rods for the frame? We kind of forgot about that. So earlier in the morning, Iz went around the neighbourhood asking for iron rods...  The ingredients are CHEAP. Yang buat mahal tu MASA... The current price of lemang sebatang is about

A story of the past: My Home, Is In My Car 2

Before we even knew it they already took away our fuse box, leaving a red rectangular spot on the wall. Our house was previously painted red. We couldn't take out the fuse box when we painted our house green so we decided to only paint parts which reachable, visible, and touchable by the paint brush. I told you this just so you didn't assume that we borrowed money from any 'Along'. Well, we did borrow money from my mums' eldest sister, but we never borrowed money from any illegal money lender cum gangster. The red spot was caused by us; no gangster whatsoever had marked our house with red paint. As I stared into the darkness, I wondered how I would live in here without electricity. It was too dark inside. I couldn't even see clear enough when it was bright, what else was left for me in the dark? How in the world could I bathe and you know, do all those things in darkness? Plus, my handphone and laptop feeds on electricity. When both of them didn't get enoug

5 things I missed the most during the Movement Control Order

Still MCO (18th March)/ CMCO (4th May).  Today is the 64th day . Yup, more than 2 months already! I'm writing this post to make me in check with my own emotions. Honestly, I haven't been all happy throughout this period... Got ups and downs. Most probably because of some things I missed pre-MCO. So here goes.... 1. Working I can't believe I put this in NUMBER ONE! Especially when I used to complain about being so sunburned and feeling so exhausted. But really, I miss the pool! And I miss being a working person. Okay, I might be missing the latter much more. Although I have a much fairer skin now; the sunburn I had for YEARS had started to fade revealing my original skin tone, but the feeling of being jobless sucks . SERIOUSLY. I'm not facing a huge financial difficulty now as I used to before, but it does feel a bit low to not be earning money. 2. Grocery shopping with my mum and Sofia The freedom of browsing around the aisles. Sofia asking me for this and that, and me