37/101 Things To Do in 2020

Morning of the year 2021. Bye Wawasan 2020. The year 2020 was really, like no other year I've ever lived. The year of Covid-19. The New Normal year.

I just checked how many things I got done in 2020 as compared to the year 2019...

2019: 24/67

2020: 37/101

When calculated into percentages, the year 2020 is still higher than 2019 by 1%. So I guess the size of the list doesn't really affect the rate of success in completing the list #dataislife

That said, I'm still going to make a list of 101 Things To Do this year. I haven't started yet, but I've had some things in mind.

Recapping 2020... 

Well, 2020 is the year where I became so much fairer. Ahaha. I nearly got back the skin tone I had 12 years ago. I had quite a long break from chlorine, which helps my skin a lot.

I cook more.

I learned about business more.

I reconnected with friends from the good ol days.

I made more friends from the swimming industry.

I finally registered a rehab company of my own.

I gave/ donated more.

I read more.

I became more financially educated.

I decluttered more.

I spend more time with Sofia.

I travelled with Sofia without my husband to a foreign country. And this is one of the many things I'm glad I did.

And oh, I got pregnant.

There are a lot more wonderful things that happened despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of 12 months, I think I only spend 4 months inside the pool... Alhamdulillah for a lot of things, we managed to survive, still get to keep our place in Seksyen 9... Paying the rent... Fuh.

Thank you, 2020. I learned a lot.

Teh ais all the way from Warung Papan. Oh this is actually Nescafe Ais. Teh ais dalam rumah dah bawak masuk. 


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