Loofah lady

My morning routine these days would be going around the garden to check on my loofah plants... Usually while carrying baby Alisa. See if there's any flower buds, and if there is, is it a male or female flower... Yes, to that extent. Alhamdulillah, I've learnt quite a lot on loofahs now. I joined a loofah planting group on Facebook, which helped a lot.

I'm still out of the pool now. Swimming is already allowed for us peeps in Phase 1 but the place I teach at still didn't want to open the pool.

Okay now back to loofahs.. I've gathered quite a lot, really. During these lockdown times...

My husband then gave me a nickname... Loofah lady.

Sofia then added... Sofia loofah girl.

Alisa loofah baby.

Papa? Papa loofah handsome.

By the way, I've opened a shop in Shopee, selling seeds. Do check it out - garden cantik.


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