RMCO Day 03

Hello RMCO DAY 03! Writing it like this made it look like ooh... we're just in day 3, not that long la we've been undergoing this thingy. But in reality, it is already 85 DAYS since we had to #stayhome #staysafe #kitajagakita #kitamestimenang

But DAY 03 also meant lesser roadblocks, police officers and armies got a bit of relief... I even read a friend of mine is happy her police husband is finally coming home. Husband and wife united, living under one roof after being separated due to the no state crossing rule previously... A friend stayed alone with her baby for months since her husband couldn't cross state to come to her... A friend couldn't come home for months, working as a doctor in another state...

Seriously, who knew traveling interstate would one day be an offence? Like you'd get fined for doing so. Balik kampung also an offence.

Now I came to think of it, previous years commercial ads kept promoting to 'balik kampung' like no matter how important your job is, go back to your hometown to check on your parents... This year, people who 'balik kampung' got condemned wehhh... You never know.

#written on 12th June 2020


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