May 23, 2018

Fried Enoki Mushroom (cendawan enoki goreng)- Recipe

My mum rarely approved what I cook. Enough said. So when she herself bought the ingredients for me to make again the next day, that means it is really good... And when she bought the ingredients in a bigger quantity for me to make more... It must have been really, really, really good eh. Hehehe.

Fried Enoki Mushroom
Looked like ketam goreng eh... But nope, they were mushrooms.

The ingredients are simple:
1. Enoki mushrooms
2. Campuran Tepung Goreng Rangup Serbaguna Bestari

There are two types; Asli and Pedas. I use Asli so that Sofia can eat also.

Initially I used only one packet of Enoki mushroom, but for the second time mum bought two. Sedap kan...

Honestly, I seriously think the secret lies in the coating mix. The tepung itself tasted good. Already complete with salt, no need to add egg whatsoever. Just add water.

How to:
1. Cut off the Enoki Mushroom roots.
2. Tear them apart into strands.
3. Wash them off thoroughly.
*Set aside first*

Next, prepare stuffs to coat those mushrooms. Not much pun, like I said earlier, just add water. But, we will do DOUBLE COATING.

First coating- a little bit of Bestari flour and water. Maybe just one tablespoon of flour and a cup of water. A very light batter. Dip the Enoki Mushrooms inside the batter.

Second coating- a dry coating. Bestari flour only.

And then, fry them off. DONE!

Tips and tricks:
- To avoid too much clumping like cekodok, when dipping into the dry coating, spread out the Enoki Mushroom strands and instead of mixing them around inside the flour, just sprinkle flour on top of it and pat pat pat.
- If you are super rajin, of course, you can do strand by strand. Sehelai... Sehelai... Memang tak la for me, bila nak habis...
- To maintain the shape (bergumpal or no gumpal) of your fried Enoki Mushroom while frying, don't keep on turning them over. Wait until one side is brown, then only flip to the other side.

Okay, selamat mencuba!

May 17, 2018

Only biscuits...

My husband brought these home yesterday; the office cafeteria is closing temporarily for Ramadan so they gave away these crackers.

Mum upon seeing it, gave me a very meaningful look and laughed her heart out.

"HAHAHA! Macam kau jugak Tiah, tapi ni up sikitla- cafe..."

I was almost laughing. Heh. Not sure what she was refering to. Ooh.... Yes.

It was a sad story la.

Back when I was in university, by the end of the semester, when my friends were packing their bags and stuffs, I would take their biscuits. I remembered bringing back home one big bag of biscuits... All sorts of them from not just one friend. From friend A, friend B, friend C... Back then, biscuits is a luxury. Heck, I even did my friend's assignment just to get one Kit Kat Chunky...

Later on I had a talk with mum,
"Teruk betul kan... Biskut je pun"
"Dah tak mampu masa tu, nak buat macamana.."

Thank you Allah for always reminding me of the past to make me thankful with what I have now. It's not that I have much, but at least now I have more than what I used to have.

Salam Ramadan, everyone.

Alone time with mama

Little that I know, Sofia needs some alone time with me...

I thought me being at home with her 24/7, is already enough for her. Well, that's what I thought. For her, 24/7 probably meant TOTALLY 24/7. 

Not, "Sekejap dengan Uwan ya, mama pergi kitchen" 

Or, leaving her with her father from morning 'til noon...

Last week, unlike any other weekend, Sofia went out with her father a bit longer than usual. Usually when I left to the pool for class, her father would take her out to the mall or to the shops around our house for a while and came home around noon. Last week, I came home first and had more than 2 hours to myself. They came home very late... And when they do, she was already asleep. Exhausted, she fell asleep inside the car on the way back home...

My in-laws came over and stayed around our house. My husband sent me pictures and videos of her having fun. My two sister-in-laws kept her busy playing. Yes, I was definitely glad she had so much fun. Glad they got along well.

Until... I noticed she kept making a scene at home. Okay, about few weeks ago she has already started 'displaying' her emotions. Ah you know, lying down on the floor, guling-guling... Tantrums. But, this one. This one is too often. Seemed like she wasn't satisfied with everything!

It wasn't until we were both inside my bedroom that I realized it... I was going through the magazine, flipping pages by pages... While Sofia taking them all out of the drawer. I was on the bed. Then she climbed the bed to join me. So I went down. She sat in front of me. On the magazine... I gave her the magazine and took another one. Still, she sat in front of me on the magazine.

Tada... That was when I realized. This girl wanted my attention.

So we lie on the bed, just Sofia and me. Tickled her a bit... Peek a boo a bit... And listen to her babble... And then I nursed her to sleep. When she woke up, she looked at me and smiled. Aah...

May 3, 2018

Sofia's first artwork

that I will keep (hopefully) is this,

Using watercolours that I bought along with Neslo Ais when I stomped out of the house, leaving her watching YouTube with my mum on my mum's handphone. I was mad at her for wanting to. Also because she was still not tired out after playing in the garden, playing with berudu's (dudu), playing with tanah (nana), gergaji, climbing up the ladder.. I, on the other hand was so exhausted already!

Ladies, if you didn't want your kids to be glued to YouTube or the handphone... 1) NEVER introduce it to them. Not even once.
2) NEVER use your handphone in front of them. Those two things are really, the kickstart of it.

I rarely let Sofia watch cartoon on my handphone. But my mum did. So whenever my mum's using her handphone, Sofia would come along and ask for it. With her index finger pointing, "tu... tu..." her own way of saying 'satu', for 'one only'. That never ended up only one. More than one.

Anyhow, yes, this artwork, on a box, I will keep it. It is her first time ever using watercolour. And those hand prints, she did them willingly. Of course, the ones that are almost perfect are the ones that I pressed her hand onto. I made sure I had my own handprint also. Just to note that I was there too with her. Haha. If you watched Upin Ipin, you'll know this one episode where they won a wall for them to press their palms onto. By the way, Upin Ipin was the only cartoon she watched attentively... The only time she sat still...

Hopefully I am strong willed enough to keep it. Lately, ever since having Sofia, I started disposing many things. Semak. The more things I keep, the more mess it gets (when Sofia gets her hand on 'em, which is most of the time now)...

I'm pretty sure there will be more watercolour sessions after this. She was more interested in playing with the water inside the cup (to wash the brush) instead of the paints...

Need more courage to get her to stomp her foot on the box, though. Very tempting...

Aah... Finally a blog post eh. 'Til next time!

*picture taken on 25th April 2018. Yes I'm that particular...