May 15, 2017

Oh boleh eh

On being a mother.

A first time mother. I always have that "Oh boleh eh?" moment. Cooking porridge for Sofia, instead of cutting the chicken breast into pieces, my mum simply dump the whole thing into the pot along with the rice. I used to cut them all into small pieces. My mum said boleh... Later when the porridge is ready, simply carik-carik the isi, take out the bones and fat before you blender it.

My mum bathed Sofia in the kitchen sink. I bathed Sofia in a baby bathtub.

My mum's porridge for Sofia got a lot of things; ikan bilis, spinach, mushroom. Mine would be ikan bilis and spinach or ikan bilis with carrot. Full stop. I planned on frying the mushroom (cendawan celup tepung), but then mum asked why don't I put them inside the porridge as well. Again, "Oh boleh eh?"

There are many other things that I just learnt about. Which I believe is the exact reason why sometimes I am a bit slow in taking care/ managing Sofia. Whenever I feel down; especially when sometimes I feel that I lose to my mum (her porridge for Sofia is wayyyy more sedap than mine; because I like to eat it as well... My bubur for Sofia? Erm. Sofia jelah makannnn...), I reminded myself that I am still learning, I am still learning, I am still learning. And, I did my best. That is the most important thing.

May 1, 2017


Third time today. She crawled (while I followed behind her, crawling as well) to the drawer and pull it out. The second time she did it she pulled out all three drawers! The third time she only slid her tiny fingers and pull the clothes out. When she first pull out a boot, I swear I feel like pinching her fingers... Geram comel sangat! Then it wasn't cute anymore. Pull out one, leraikan and then letak di lantai.

While she was having 'fun', I keep on reminding myself, it's okay it's okay let her explore... It's okay it's okay this is better than her only watching tv... It's okay it's okay at least she's not crying. 

Hah. Hah. Sampai tiga kali amekaw.

April 26, 2017

April 17, 2017

Banana plum ice cream (how to)

I made ice-cream using bananas! (again, using Sofia's leftovers...) Sofia likes to eat bananas, so almost every week we'd get some for her. We would get her pisang emas because my mum said it's kurang berangin for her compared to pisang berangan. I accidentally bought pisang berangan the other day so yeah. Let's just make ice cream.

The basic ingredients are:
3 bananas (cut and freeze solid)
1/2 cup of fresh milk
1 tsp of vanilla

You can add in any fruits you like (but must freeze it first). I added in plums (again, Sofia's leftovers)... The fruits were supposed to be only 1/2 cup. I guess I added in too much plum, it turned out so masam! And oh, I added more milk (pandai-pandai sendiri) because the blender got stuck I guess it must be because of plum overload.

Happy trying! (Selamat mencuba!)