August 7, 2018

Officially 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sofia!

Yeayyy... Finally, mama can have all the caffeine in the world anytime, anywhere without any feeling of guilt! Hehehe... I chose to let her self-wean, in which I will not offer/ offer less but will not refuse if she asked for it.

I know some mothers who used various ways to wean-off their child... Putting things on the nipples so their child will have a bad taste of it... Ignoring when the child asked for it... Simply telling them off when they asked for it... But not me. I tried so hard to get her to fully breastfeed (started fully bf her only when she was 6 months)... I'm not cutting it off just like that. And I don't want her to have a bad memory of what she used to love.

BUT that doesn't mean I have to supply as much as before... Hahaha. So yeah, I don't have to control aka restrict my caffeine consumption anymore... Hoorey!

Just a slice of cake. A small celebration 31/7. I love this picture coz it got almost everything to be remembered. The seahorse at the back, my mum's present for her, and the microphone from my husband and I.

We had a small celebration at our office. Hm. Basically because everyone was busy. Just my mum, my husband, and I. But she was really happy. Like duh... Hahaha. Who wouldn't? Dapat kek okay. Hadiah some more.

Sofia turning two... About a month before her birthday... Super duper clingy. My husband pointed out maybe this is the separation phase. Since she will no longer be latching nursing on me so this is the phase where she is learning to let go... Which resulted in carrying her 24/7, cannot go anywhere seriously... Cannot talk to other people while attending to her also...

Anyhow. She is now a toddler. A part of me look forward to sending her to a playschool, but another part of me feel like having her to myself at home.

July 28, 2018

Uwannn... Finally!

Sofia finally said "Uwan"!

She has been calling mum "Uwak" confidently all this while...

I just finished praying Maghrib when she came to me. She has been playing with my mum while I was praying. Kantoi tak khusyuk solat... Huhu... Anyway, she came to me to report what she has been doing with mum.

Pointing to my mum, she said, "Uwan" and I shrieked... "Eh Sofia panggil Uwan!!!"

To which she got embarrassed. And went to her favourite mattress, tilam kekabu, to lie down. Of course I just have to go after her and make her say that again. Hahahah. And again. And again... Hehehe. Mum of course is so happy... But I kind of miss her saying, "Uwak"

Hm. We all will miss that.

Sofia... In just a few days will turn 2 years old. Her vocabs and pronunciation are very much clearer now. Some words she can say clearly are: mama (duh of course), papa, nenen (haha!), apple, ball, deer (seriously while writing this I was thinking of her ABC book... Recalling my reading session with her. It's always A for apple and B for ball, right?

Hmm... Lagi apa? Book, camel, eye, nose, ear, mouth, tongue, hair, chin, ketiak... Suddenly terselit BM I don't care... Because she saw me using deodorant... Letak mana deodorant? Ketiak la.

Children learn most by watching. Ever heard that? SO TRUE. I've had so many things copied by Sofia. Scary weh... You really have to be careful in what you do...

Okay. Padahal I just wanted to tell about her success in pronuncing Uwannn. The N is purposely exaggerated there, just like how she pronounced it.

There. Picture taken on 26th July. What do you do when you're tired and your lil' one only naps for 30 minutes and that 30 minutes was while you were inside the car?

You have an ice-cream together with her. One each.

July 18, 2018

Penyelesaian 2.0

Ah living with a kid. There really is no one time solution. They will keep on learning and then you have to find new ways on how to solve it.

Sofia. Like any other kid, I think, will always make a mess. There was this one time where she love to take out folded clothes. Like, 2 or 3 times per day at least. Take out and toss. Take out and toss. Read about it here.

I found a new solution, peeps. Yea I did. And I don't have to deal with that kind of mess for weeks. Months. Of course she kept on making other messes but that is another story la okay. I got a new drawer. Hehe. A new drawer, a new way to open. Hahaha! Seriously, I could see her frustration when she couldn't open it. Mama won!

But such a smart girl. When I slide open the top drawer, she took out clothes from the drawer below from the back. From. The. Back. Such a smart girl... So I make a point to only open the drawer when she wasn't looking. But really, sampai bila? 

Like I said, one solution is not the final solution. Eventually, Sofia succeeded in opening them. A very observant kid, she managed to open the drawer in just few weeks I think. Whoa I still remember her face when she managed to slide open the drawer. Such a proud kid.

This is the drawer, by the way.
It's empty, now actually.

I had the drawer on the floor when she still haven't mastered how to open it... Then I had it on the table. But I got so fed up and my back hurts of having to carry her while she take out all the clothes that I just took it down and basically, just let her be. And the cycle continues. Except now that instead of take out and toss... It is now take out, acukan on her body, see if it fits or not; I think coz I do that at her when I shopped for her clothes nowadays. And then the clothes were left on the floor. Take out another cloth, try it out, and take out another one.

Yes now the drawer is empty. I just piled up her clothes on top of the table next to it. Which is a nuisance when finding her clothes.

So I've resulted to another solution. HAHA. Because I figured at the Eco Shop or Kedai Bajet as Sofia called it, small hangers are sold for only RM2 for 10 pieces. Let's see how this goes.

June 21, 2018

Eid 2018- A crying Sofia

How's Raya? Ask Sofia.

And her response would be,
"Why do we have to go to people's houses..." (while crying)

Yeap. She cried at the door and refused to go in. Asked for mama to carry, for papa to carry... A minute with mama, another minute with papa. Okay scratch that out. Not even a minute. Few seconds with papa few seconds with mama. Terrified of going into people's houses. Gosh. And it's Hari Raya!

Seriously, Sofia.

"Mama? Mama... Mama?"
Hear that and I know already, okay it's coming. No need to go inside the house. She's gonna burst!

The first house we went was my bestie's. Nope she didn't cry at that time but she was super duper clingy with Iz and I. And when you meet your bestie of 20+++ years, there is just so much to talk about! Especially when you just saw a childhood friend you both knew who omg puberty hits her so damn hard coz man she is so damn hot now. Okay enough. But not fair because Tita haven't even seen her yet. She only heard of her hot-ness...

At my bestie's house, there were other kids. Boys. When she saw a glimpse of them, well, she began to feel at ease. Padahal before that even their cat couldn't ease her much. She began to smile. Looked at me and smile. Okay okay I know you girl... Nak berkawan, orang tua-tua cakap...

Playing with the cat together. My bil captured this. So sweet eh? Of course under papa's surveillance. Spot the dude wearing matching baju melayu with Sofia.

Okay just to clear things off... Sofia hugged him first. Okay, clear. Yea under mama's surveillance.

So, because it was all oh so smooth at that house I even had to ajak balik more than 5 times (Iz borak-borak and Sofia trying to make friends), I didn't really expect her to act that way at the following house. And also because she met those people already. Not strangers la kiranya.

Anyhow, at my aunts' house she cried. Had to umpan with magnets on their fridge. The next house also. Had to umpan with ais krim paddlepop. The last house no need to umpan I don't know why.

Maybe because we went to the house already but no one inside so when we went for the second time, the house was quite familiar to her. I don't know. Or maybe because she was full and contented already. Had ice cream, ketupat nasi, ayam goreng... All which I fed her outside the house and while she was playing magnets and while she was eating ice cream.

2 Syawal at Mydin

KL peeps raya kedua already go eat KFC, said Iz. Fine la. Next time we go raya Kelantan. How la my kampung in KL okay. Second raya we went to my aunts' house in USJ. We always went there (with Sofia). Just that masa raya there were extra visitors. Okay, the same people we met the day before OMG SOFIA. And she just had to cry again. I'm sorry I'm not really a patient person. I've tried la I've tried. I didn't lose my temper at her though, I just decided to go. Leave the place fast.

Padahal sebelum tu such a happy girl. No alarming signs. Had to crop myself out... #thestruggleisreal

So we (I) took her directly to the car. Let Iz soothe her inside the car while I took a picture of her and soothe myself on my own no shoulders to cry on Sofia.

Papa's shoulder to cry on...

Tak jalan also. she pointed to a shop so Iz thought she might want us to move the car. Jalan-jalan. So we went la. To KFC Mydin.

Perut kenyang suka hati... Another theory: Sofia cried because she was hungry. Iz and I bet, this second time around going back to the same house, cried or not?

Second time around.

Okay. Cuba teka.