March 20, 2017

Being a mum nowadays

I was sweeping, well basically cleaning up the staircase when suddenly this one thought occurred. If it wasn't because of mum using my handphone and I had nothing to do (Sofia's sleeping), I wouldn't be sweeping now. Haha. Seriously. I would be going online reading up articles or (and) scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Not sweeping.

 But I'm handphone-less now as my mum was using my phone.

Anyhow, feeling bored, I got up and do some cleaning. Our house is not that messy (just in case you got the wrong idea), it's just that there are little things that can be done to make it more neat. Tangga, dapur, anywhere, everywhere. Which makes me think, wow I actually have the time to clean up!

Which I think why it is hard being a mum nowadays (well for me, at least). Because sometimes we got too attached to social media. And updating my life on Instagram and Facebook is more important... Than cleaning up the staircase? But seriously, sometimes it is like that. Taking a good photo of it, must flatlay, must arrange nicely, is time consuming already. Thinking of a caption (and the hashtags) is also time consuming.

And if you don't post a picture on Instagram for a long time, when you finally posted one, Instagram would inform your friends, 'Bashtiah finally posted an update after a long time' (lebih kurang, can't remember the exact sentence). See how Instagram welcomes and appreciates you for updating? Your friends would check out that picture and double tap. And you'll be like, eh siapa ni bila masa dia follow aku. And then you click on their profile, stalk stalk stalk... Eh Sofia dah bangun! Tangga dah kemas belum? Tangga tu, tangga...

This not only occur to my tangga. But all the other chores like basuh baju, sidai baju, lipat baju, masak, masak makanan sofia, masak makanan untuk kunyah-kunyah...

But I have other excuses. I have a business so I HAVE TO GO ONLINE. Hahaha. Padahal things can be done in advance; schedule posts etc... The thing is, I think things are more simple wayyyy back then. Without smartphones, without unifi, without wifi... But then wayyyy back then, although things are more simple, but don't you think in a way things are actually more complex? For example to cook, have to go out find kayu api, wash clothes at any sungai, have to go find/ hunt for food in the forest... Which I think, every generation faced different challenges. My mum being a mum in her days faced different challenges, me being a mum these days faced different challenges. And Sofia (inshaAllah) being a mum will face different challenges as well.

Anyhow, right now after realizing how much time I actually spent on social media and how it affected my staircase, I've resorted to reduce my time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram (and blogger, too). I've resorted to go through one blog at a time. I'd visit one blog per day and read and drop comments for just one blog at a time. Weh you guys really write a lot! Compared to me, one entry per week? Hahahah. But seriously, I'm trying to slow down a bit on social media and try to be a better person offline. Like, rumah betul-betul kemas instead of just one spot yang kemas that is reserved for photos uploaded online. Get it? We tend to portray only good things online. Ah but that's another topic pulak.

Okay, that's it for now. Got to go kemas-kemas!

March 13, 2017

My first TV shoot | Chiki Boom


Yes, I'll be on tv! OMG seriously it took me quite some time to settle down. Like, to finally digest what happened few days ago. I was still anxious, excited, terkesima, what else? It still hadn't really occur to me that thousands of people will be watching me in my swimsuit.

Yeah, I'll be on tv in my swimming suit. So if you wanna see me in action in my swimming suit, tune in to TV2 on Sunday 10am around May.

Boom boom chiki chiki boom~ Seriously, I couldn't really believe it when mum said RTM wanted to shoot at our centre. Coz come on... We just opened our centre July last year. Belum setahun lagi and you wanna put us on tv?

But well, yes. Alhamdulillah. They came to recce our centre, even came another time during class to see how we conducted our class. There is something unique about our training style that got them attracted.

I NEVER EXPECTED TO BE THE ONE ON TV. Along the way, we IRenang team kept on discussing how our founder/ head instructor aka my mum should do it. It will be our very first TV debut so technically the boss should do it. A DAY BEFORE THE SHOOT, something happened and I HAD TO REPLACE THE BOSS... Such a bidan terjun!

I couldn't sleep the whole night. Everytime I close my eyes I would think of the script. And I think my anxiousness must have affected Sofia because she woke up a few times and cried (loudly) that night. I woke up feeling drowsy and still nervous.

Well, how did the shoot went? I must say, now, watching tv is never the same like before. I would think and imagine how many takes these hosts took to finally get it right. I laughed watching those two hosts repeating again and again and again the scene under the blazing sun. Hahahah!

It was really a good experience, seeing people shoot for a tv programme. How even the slightest noise would affect the whole process. Honestly I am so thankfull our cats didn't meow... Not even a cute shriek!

Before starting the scene on camera, we ran through the dialogue first. Sitting at the lobby, on our sofa, I guess I am more relaxed. I explained about survival swim clearly; their hosts Abang Nadhir and Amber played a good part. Looking so attentive, I feel confident. All done, we were off to play the scene on camera. Oh guess what? I actually asked if they will be taking a full shot, because if it is only a half body shot, I'll just wear this sandal (which is actually a selipar jepun... The one yang ada lubang-lubang dan bunyi shrik shrik...). Omg seriously la Bashtiah...

Ended up I have to change into my swimming attire as they will interview me in it. Being out of the water in my swimming suit and in front of the camera stripped my confidence. I felt insecure. Dahla baru lepas beranak, I still haven't get back to that fit body I have before... Dan dahla tiba-tiba have to replace the boss. Akibatnya amik kau, I stuttered. And yeah, such a lot of takes. Tapi I think not more than five. Kut...

Oh I was so relieved when the interview was finally over! Into the water, into the water we go...! The crew said I was so confident in the water. Hm. Duh... I am, afterall, a swimming instructor. I only focused on getting the host, Amber to swim. Teaching her wholeheartedly and just let them shoot whatever they want.

We also shoot at a public pool. The next session (the same dayyyyy) was at a bigger pool. I really have such high respect to the host, Amber... Such a cute kid yet so tough. Can you imagine swimming back and forth for a good shot? Dahla the same day... But it proves what our teaching method is about, easy to learn, fast result.

Sofia? What about Sofia? Well, my husband took a day off and my in-laws came over to care for her. They brought her to the poolside now and then to see her mama in action. Hahah. She was so well behaved... Such a good kid.

Here are some behind the scene pictures.

Chiki Boom TV2 Sunday 10am!

March 5, 2017

Top Commentor Dorsett Pink!

Alhamdulillah, I won!

The results were already announced on her blog last January, but I purposely waited for the prize to arrive before writing about it. Senang cerita sekali harung je... It was my first time entering a blog competition. And man, I was so determined to win! I really focused on winning until I did some research. Hahahah! Padahal I don't even have a single idea what the prize is. My husband joked saying who knows the prize is a ticket to Legoland... Padahal tak siapa pun minat Lego. But the joked stayed. Everytime I'm on the phone he kept on telling Sofia that mama's busy winning a ticket for us to Legoland. Yea right.

Okay. So, at first my strategy on winning was to read up all the posts that I found interesting and relatable to me like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and crafts. I dropped only one comment per entry. No matter how long the entry is, I only dropped one comment. I read the whole thing and commented on almost everything (kalau banyak masa). But only in one comment box. I managed to get first place in just two days I think. Hehehe. I was so happy. And confident I would win. I was also exhausted as well. Gila membaca gila komen.

Until one day... Jari Manis. She beat me. I was surprised how could she comment so much in a short time! Suddenly I became so competitive. The lion in me revealed itself. I suddenly became so fierce and outraged oh noooo I'm in second place now! I panicked. I did my research how in the world could this Jari Manis potong me so fast. I found out she commented a lot for just one blog post. One comment even had just one sentence!

Heh. Macamtu eh. Oh-kay...

And so I started doing the same thing! OMG I WAS REALLY DETERMINED TO WIN THAT LEGOLAND TICKET. I thought it was easy, ala one sentence per paragraph cukup. But I was so wrong. I had to read up carefully and think what to comment.

And I succeeded! Tapi panas tak sampai ke petang, hujan di tengahari... Hahahah. Suddenly at the Top Commentors list, two of them are my name. I pointed it out to DP (in a separate comment box, of course) and she said nevermind it will get back to normal eventually. I was like, eh mana boleh! What if the one yang ranking bawah tu yang kekal in the list. Yes I was that serious.

Everytime I dropped a comment, I would refresh the page and see if the numbers increase. And if it did, which one did. DP must be laughing reading this. I am really serious about winning, DP... But somehow the numbers didn't increase. Then I thought, it's okay maybe it needs time. Chill dulu. Then suddenly one day, I noticed that my number of comments decreased! I was dumbfounded, really. I gave up, then. Only commenting when I feel like commenting; not commenting for the sake of winning. I was ready to hand the trophy to Jari Manis...

But when DP announced the winner... Both of us won! Hahahahahahah! Thank you so much DP for noticing my effort!

A huge parcel arrived and I found out from the address that we live quite near to each other. You could've just delivered it by hand je, DP. There were a lot of good stuffs in it and I liked each one of it.

Thank you, DP!

February 22, 2017

Burger days

Shared this picture with my bestie. Man, we really miss those burger days! There was this one time during highschool when we decided to sell our own handmade crafts; pompom pencils, pompom keychains, and gift cards during hari koko. I think it's hari koko, can't really remember. We opened a booth under our class, 4 Murni. But truth is, it was a project of only the two of us. Haha. She stayed over at my house, sleptover. We spend the whole night in my pink bedroom making crafts. And when we got hungry in the middle of the night, me made burgers. I made her a burger, grilled on our electric griller, and we both enjoyed our burger in front of the tv, sitting on the floor.

That was the FIRST and LAST time I made her a burger. And up til now, she kept on saying it was the best burger she ever had. The burger was just like the one in the picture; daging nipis, cheese sekeping, roti burger apit atas bawah (can't remember got sayur or not).

Sebenarnya it wasn't the burger. It is THE MOMENT that was the best ever. You can eat plain rice and still think it was the best meal you ever had. Just because you had it with your loved ones or maybe that was the very first nasi you succeeded cooking. Or because it is free. HAHA. 

Actually, while I was writing this, suddenly Sofia woke up. I was waiting for Subuh actually. Now that she's having a short nap in her hammock, I'm trying my best to get this post done.

Oh anyway, Sofia woke up and I went to nurse her. While she was latching, she stopped a few times to look up at me and smiled. Aih... That cute, innocent smile... Made me think back again about what I just wrote. Yes I really miss those burger days. Carefree. Less resposibilities. Less things to worry. More me time... And of course, not having to worry if salah makan. Burger everyday also no problem. But hey, I got Sofia now. I wouldn't want to go back and not have Sofia. This little baby is so much of a blessings already.

But I certainly wouldn't mind an outing with my bestie (without Sofia) one day.