September 22, 2017

Taking Sofia on the MRT

I wouldn't be spending my weekend on the MRT if it wasn't for Sofia...

Having been working on weekends, I'm really picky on what to do everytime I had a time off. We (my husband and I) have been planning to take Sofia on the MRT ever since it had been launched. Really, to me (and my husband who have been taking the LRT to school back in his school days), the MRT is just like the LRT or KTM. Okay fine, KTM is a bit slower but well, what I meant is it is still moving on a railway. Aih, I am really not a supportive citizen... Anyhow, we decided to take her on the MRT just to give her the experience.

We went on 2nd September, just two days after the promotion ended. At first we planned on getting on the train for just two or three stations, no particular destination. But then we thought alang-alang let's just go further a bit. We don't always go on the train nowadays, and I also don't always have a free weekend. So we decided to go to Bukit Bintang.

There were two choices of Bukit Bintang station, ticket fares also differ. We were quite confused as what are the differences, Bukit Bintang and Bukit Bintang (MRL). MRL obviously stands for monorail, right? Anyhow we bought the Bukit Bintang (MRL) one which costs a little bit more than just Bukit Bintang. I'm guessing it must have included a monorail ticket because from the same station back to Kajang, it was only around RM 4.

Kajang to Bukit Bintang (MRL), RM 5.60 one way/ single journey per person, for adult. I purposely asked for a receipt to keep a record of it on the blog. Just like the KTM and LRT, you can also use your Touch 'n Go card. 

But if you use a Touch 'n Go card, you won't get this blue token. If I'm not mistaken, the KTM and LRT are also using these types of tokens, right? Been years since I last took a train. Ah bukan boleh simpan pun padahal... Hahahah. The advantage of using a Touch 'n Go card is basically you don't have to queue to buy tickets and you are also free to stop anywhere; no particular destination, as long as you have enough balance in the card lah kan.

Sofia was fast asleep when we arrived at the Kajang MRT station by the way. I nursed her while in the car and she just fell asleep. So basically she didn't see the whole process of buying a token etc...

Clinging to mama at the Kajang MRT Station.

You can tell she was in a deep sleep... Transition from mummy to daddy also didn't wake up.

Still sleeping... Oh, since Kajang is the last/ first station, it was very easy for us to get a seat.

Finally wide awake. She paid more attention to the people inside the train more than the view outside (as predicted). When the train stops and the doors open, she was excited to see a lot of people coming in.

Lunch at Taman Connaught
For Sofia only. Not the three of us. Sofia seemed to be hungry (it was already around 1.40 pm) and although we did bring along her biscuits, the train was so spotless tak sampai hati to let the floor dirty with biscuit crumbs. Padahal tak boleh makan pun kan dalam tu... Only 10 minutes to the next train. So yeah, Sofia, you only have 10 minutes to eat. Heheh.

Eating bubur nasi packed from home... I really should get a food thermos by now. Sometimes we stayed too long in an air-conditioned place the food gets cold by the time Sofia wants to eat.

Anyway, Sofia was such a friendly kid. Back in the MRT we met a couple with their 4 year old son. Seriously at first we thought their kid was a girl! Kept on telling Sofia, "Tengok kakak tu..." Padahal abang. We only realized it when the father referred to him as 'abang'. Hahahah. Because the kid has a long hair... Don't blame us! Such a friendly kid, Sofia... The couple gave Sofia RM 2. Good job, girl! Mama papa spend money, you earn money... Heheheh.

Plaza Sungei Wang is just a walking distance from the station. From the Bukit Bintang station, there were signboards to where you want to go. Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Pavilion... There were toilets, surau, and even a baby room at the station. Since there were already people inside the baby room, with more people already waiting outside, we decided to go straight to Plaza Sungei Wang. I didn't expect them to have a baby room, but really, they did! Shared with an OKU toilet, though... So you can imagine the smell. Uh. Changed Sofia's clothes and diaper, and had a drink at The Chicken Rice Shop.

Yeah. We had a drink.

On normal outings, I wouldn't care much to take a picture in front of a shopping mall. But since this was during our 'first mrt ride with Sofia' trip, let's just act touristy.

Predicting it was going to be a long journey/ a lot of walking, I wore a sports shoe. Quite liking the comfort, I'm thinking to stick to this jeans and sports shoe style.

Anyway, it was a good experience for the three of us. The MRT was, as expected for a new public transport, very clean and neat.

September 11, 2017


Dealing with more than one task at the same time.

Had to do some work on the phone; replying enquiries, posting updates on the business page, check students' class schedule for the weekend... And with this little girl around, I just had to let her play with hangers and simply make a mess while I steal some time. But of course, once all the hangers were down on the floor... Let's check out what mummy is up to...

(Taking this photo while standing on a table... Flat lay habis....)

I needed more time... 

So... I picked up all the hangers and put them back on the sofa, neatly (made sure it is reachable for her to take)... 

Oh well, at least I didn't gave her a handphone or tablet kan. Eyes on the phone, eyes on the hangers... Multitasking la tu kan? While working, jaga anak.

September 6, 2017

KFC Buntong, Ipoh. Nice place.

Sometimes, you just have to look up from your phone to discover amazing places.

My husband, Sofia, and I were at Ipoh for a wedding. Arrived at the venue around 3pm and the event already ended (read: no more food). So we decided to get something to eat. Sofia fast asleep, my husband went out to buy food. Sofia on my lap, my eyes fixed on my phone, scrolling through Hanis Zalikha's Instagram; they went to Maldives, stayed at Soneva Jani. I Google-ed Soneva Jani first, oh in Maldives rupanya... Haha.

Eventually, my husband came back to the car with food. And I finally looked up from my phone. While he was reversing the car, I spotted a very nice outdoor eating area. Wait? IS THAT KFC's EATING AREA? Cool gila KFC ni! They have an outdoor eating area with red patio umbrellas! 

There were also a lot of pigeons eating, er.. KFC leftovers? Hahah. Anyway, we decided to just eat there. Sofia already woke up by the way (at the smell of food). Thinking it would be a great experience for Sofia since she has never been so close to a bird before.  And there weren't only one, there were loads of them! And as for my side, it would be a good background for a picture. Hehe.

Sofia nyam-nyam dengan bird. Lots of bird pulak tu... They came closer as my husband threw bits of fish fillet on the floor. Those fish fillets were prepared by me from home earlier as a bekal for Sofia. Trust me, I think he fed the birds more than he fed Sofia.

Red patio umbrellas! So cool kan? This particular KFC, the inside deco was also a bit different. It was just a small one, can't remember if it is two storey, but the outdoor space is really something cool.

There. Lighting also very nice, I looked flawless. Hahahah. As we passed by the building, I noticed the building design is really made like that. There were other outdoor spaces like this along the shoplots. KFC is smart enough to utilize it.

Just a side note, we came to this place on 27th August 2017. In case later on dah takde. KFC at 1st Curve, Buntong, Ipoh, Perak.

September 2, 2017

Sofia's first four steps...

Sofia took her first four steps today. Well, it started off by one step, and then she tried again and got two steps. The final one she got four steps towards her father. Didn't manage to get it on camera, though. And that was it. I wanted her to walk towards me but hm, nope. It's okay... There will be another time.

As I was clearing off pictures in my phone, I stumbled across a picture of her and my husband during Aidiladha last year (12th September 2016), when she was only about a month lebih sikit. 

Aidiladha 2016

My cousin send us a picture she took during the first day of Aidiladha, yesterday. Fuh. Despite being in her walker, she looked so grown up!

Aidiladha 2017

She looked a bit skinny, though. Must be the angle. Hahah. Ah anyways, dah besar dah anak mama. Sofia went to sleep early today, before Maghrib. She hasn't been sleeping much today. Iz took her to watch cows at the surau early in the morning and later on we brought her on the MRT. And then back home she tried walking some more. Such a busy day for a baby. Which explains why I managed to get a whole post on Nasi Bamboo up and still get to clear off my phone AND write another blog post.

Aih... Seronok tengok Sofia tidur. Signing off now. Gotta rest.