April 5, 2019

Remember that day

That day I started IRenang Aquatic Rehab. 28th March 2019. Friday.

Can't say remember 'this' day because it has been exactly a week. And so these are the progress. Only 1 post so far. 18 followers, minus 3 la including my account, my bestie, and irenang itself. Yeah the age views also less than 100. OK less than 50 even.

I'm happy I made this huge step. It's very overwhelming, seriously. Like I already started doing rehab years ago, but I didn't really advertise it as in make it proper.

I didn't focus much on it. Kept on teaching swimming, teaching swimming, teaching swimming. But really, this is what I reallllyyyy wanted to do.

So having this page is just a sign for myself, a kick start for myself. Let's do this.

By the way. I planned on starting after Raya. But eh, I already got two backpain patients starting their rehab next week.

I tried to slot in jugak because I was really just thinking. Hey, maybe they can perform their ibadah puasa better nanti.

March 1, 2019

Weaning off Sofia

Hi. I failed miserably. And it's only half day!

Told her already tomorrow no more nenen, 'at night only'.

Earlier this morning despite being scratched (just near my left eye... a very long one) and kicked at, I managed to shift her attention by giving her a large bowl of popcorn.

And I hugged her. I read it is not a good thing to leave toddlers running 'amok' on their own. Be beside them. So yeah that was what I did and tu lah, got kicked.

For afternoon nap, she really insisted on latching. Same thing like this morning only much more aggressive. Much much more aggressive.

"Nak siang siang jugak!"

"One only! One only!" with that index finger pointing, such distress. My mum purposely went out of the house to avoid any conflict haha. Okay not haha. She left after saying, "Kesian dia..." and that I wean off too late already.

I gave in. While letting her latch, I myself was in tears also. I can't do this.

December 20, 2018

Starting the '3'

I can't sleep. I feel anxious about turning 30 next year. Serves me right for reminding Mimey that she too is born in 1989, so we both will hit 30 next year. Entah she have read my post dedicated for her in Instagram tu ke belum. Entah-entah dah tidur. But me? Here I am at 11.26pm not yet asleep.

What have been going in my mind was wow I'll be turning 30 next year. About 15 years ago I was in such a state where I struggled a lot. And now, there's this two new people in my life. Iz, my husband and Sofia, my daughter. These two new people in my life. Tomorrow, InshaAllah I will meet more people who just came into my life and well, be part of my life. Family.

And, what else is in store for me in the future? My sister in law I met her first when she was still in school, now is about to get married. Time passed.

And, what have I done all these years? What will I do more? What should I do more?

30. 30 years of life.

Biasalah nak tahun baru. Just that this year extra a bit because I'll be starting with 3 pulak.

August 7, 2018

Officially 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sofia!

Yeayyy... Finally, mama can have all the caffeine in the world anytime, anywhere without any feeling of guilt! Hehehe... I chose to let her self-wean, in which I will not offer/ offer less but will not refuse if she asked for it.

I know some mothers who used various ways to wean-off their child... Putting things on the nipples so their child will have a bad taste of it... Ignoring when the child asked for it... Simply telling them off when they asked for it... But not me. I tried so hard to get her to fully breastfeed (started fully bf her only when she was 6 months)... I'm not cutting it off just like that. And I don't want her to have a bad memory of what she used to love.

BUT that doesn't mean I have to supply as much as before... Hahaha. So yeah, I don't have to control aka restrict my caffeine consumption anymore... Hoorey!

Just a slice of cake. A small celebration 31/7. I love this picture coz it got almost everything to be remembered. The seahorse at the back, my mum's present for her, and the microphone from my husband and I.

We had a small celebration at our office. Hm. Basically because everyone was busy. Just my mum, my husband, and I. But she was really happy. Like duh... Hahaha. Who wouldn't? Dapat kek okay. Hadiah some more.

Sofia turning two... About a month before her birthday... Super duper clingy. My husband pointed out maybe this is the separation phase. Since she will no longer be latching nursing on me so this is the phase where she is learning to let go... Which resulted in carrying her 24/7, cannot go anywhere seriously... Cannot talk to other people while attending to her also...

Anyhow. She is now a toddler. A part of me look forward to sending her to a playschool, but another part of me feel like having her to myself at home.