April 15, 2011

BEL ball ballet

That was it. The last class for this semester, BEL 492 Presentation Skills

Madam Usdi was the only female lecturer who taught me this semester. The other 6 subjects were all male lecturers. I just came to realize that fact just now. At the end of the class I stayed a bit longer. Just to talk to her personally.

I felt so guilty of always skipping her classes… I’m not a good student, I know.

I must admit I always submit her assignments late.

While the others would wait until the class really ended at 1 pm, I would leave exactly at 12.30 noon because I’ve to rush to the pool to teach swimming.

While the others would type nicely their presentation outline, I would submit a handwritten one.

While the others would have videos in their presentation slide, I would only have motionless pictures.

While the others were talking about Titanic, The Beatles, and Revolution of Motorcycle, I would only talk simply about Dark Chocolates.

While the others would bring great props and visual aids, I only have my own self to display. (Okay I’d like to mention this one guy, Ajiq. I hate you for bringing your bike to class! Bersemangat sungguh jadi rasa dengki~ This one guy you see, puts a lot of effort just for an English presentation. And oh, he speaks fluently. Jadi saya rasa dia hebat. Dan dah jadikan idola.)

Because I myself am a teacher, so I sort of know how it feels if your student didn’t give full commitment. That’s why I thought I should talk to her personally.

I apologized and told her how I had tried my best to cope with everything. It was a huge huge HUGE relief to hear her say:

‘You’re doing well enough. You still managed to catch up with the rest’

I've always felt a bit inferior in class... Because compared to them, they're all in their fourth semester while this one girl here is only in the second semester... So it means a lot when Madam Usdi actually said that. *touched* :)


The Green Girl said...

Aw, congratulations! So glad it went well.

Bashtiah said...

Green Girl: Thank you! :D