A story of the past: My Home, Is In My Car 2

Before we even knew it they already took away our fuse box, leaving a red rectangular spot on the wall. Our house was previously painted red. We couldn't take out the fuse box when we painted our house green so we decided to only paint parts which reachable, visible, and touchable by the paint brush. I told you this just so you didn't assume that we borrowed money from any 'Along'. Well, we did borrow money from my mums' eldest sister, but we never borrowed money from any illegal money lender cum gangster. The red spot was caused by us; no gangster whatsoever had marked our house with red paint.

As I stared into the darkness, I wondered how I would live in here without electricity. It was too dark inside. I couldn't even see clear enough when it was bright, what else was left for me in the dark? How in the world could I bathe and you know, do all those things in darkness? Plus, my handphone and laptop feeds on electricity. When both of them didn't get enough food, they would die and I would die as well. Die in boredom, I meant.

"Kakak, give us your handphone!"

my younger brother shouted from the front door. I was too deep in thought that I didn't realize I was the only one standing in front of the house at the car porch. It was a sadistic yet funny sight to see the three of them there. My mum had a jumble of keys with her. She was finding the right key while my two brothers kept their handphones light on by pushing whatever buttons on it. My brothers must have gotten finger cramp because the light suddenly went off. Then my mum shouted, "Light, light!", and there were lights again. My two brothers both shot a look at me and I understood well enough. I have to go there and supply light as well. Hence I gathered all my stuff and head towards them with my handphone ready in my palm.

My handphone won the battle of the lights. My brothers' handphones were no match for my Motorola flip phone. Their handphones may have MP3, camera, and other things my handphone lack, but it was all useless in this case. With a click, the door was unlocked.


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