5 things I missed the most during the Movement Control Order

Still MCO (18th March)/ CMCO (4th May). 

Today is the 64th day. Yup, more than 2 months already! I'm writing this post to make me in check with my own emotions. Honestly, I haven't been all happy throughout this period... Got ups and downs. Most probably because of some things I missed pre-MCO. So here goes....

1. Working

I can't believe I put this in NUMBER ONE! Especially when I used to complain about being so sunburned and feeling so exhausted. But really, I miss the pool! And I miss being a working person. Okay, I might be missing the latter much more. Although I have a much fairer skin now; the sunburn I had for YEARS had started to fade revealing my original skin tone, but the feeling of being jobless sucks. SERIOUSLY. I'm not facing a huge financial difficulty now as I used to before, but it does feel a bit low to not be earning money.

2. Grocery shopping with my mum and Sofia

The freedom of browsing around the aisles. Sofia asking me for this and that, and me refusing to get it for her either because it is too sweet or benda mengarut. And also, I don't really like to prepare a list. Okay, no. LIST is fine. Depending on my husband to do the shopping is not. Because there's no side side things... Alaa... Those items you suddenly decided to buy when you arrived at the store. YES. Those things. But of course, we get to SAVE A LOT. Which is what I should be doing now rite.

3. Eating out

Ayam goreng Zul and pulut kuning at pasar bawah. I wonder how he's doing this PKP.

This MCO period... I've been cooking so much more! Like so much I got stressed even when my mum asked, "Harini nak masak apa?" I miss being served. Ha-ha. Like instead of that question, I miss hearing, "Nak makan apa?" And or course, not having to wash the dishes. Bila datang time malas tu.

4. Bungkus teh ais

Hahaha! Seriously, I miss teh ais bungkus! I know I've had teh ais so many times when even Sofia knows how to order it. "Teh ais satu!" Iz was kind enough to get me Tealive's brown sugar milk tea whenever I feel like it during this MCO, but nothing beats buying Teh Ais bungkus satu. Ikat tepi, bukan ikatan yang sah. Ok.

5. Window shopping

Or basically jalan-jalan. With Sofia and my mum. Since my schedule is usually packed only on weekends, we literally have the mall to ourselves on weekdays (except Fridays, during lunch hour where ladies roam the mall and I'd feel inferior to them wearing office attires). 

These are basically the top 5 based on my daily routine. I do miss my friends, and planned on meeting up after this CMCO ends but I don't meet them on a daily basis. But this CMCO does made me realize that I really have been neglecting them. So yup, I might be spending my time a bit differently after this.


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