February 3, 2018

It feels great!

Sofia has started calling me mama! Actually, it has been about a week ago, but as usual, I couldn't find the time to blog about it....

There was this one time when she suddenly said, "ma-ma". And I immediately shrieked, "Eh Sofia panggil mama!", that made her realized oh I managed to call mama. Heh. And so she said it again. Awh.... My heart just melts I feel like crying ahh...

And so everytime I wanted to hear her call me I would say, "Sofia... Panggil mama." Well, it depends on her mood actually. -_-" If she doesn't feel like it she would go "edek" and other un-understandable words... But when she did... Mama. Aih.... I feel loved!

There was this one time I came home from the pool (work), opened the door and she came running to me and hugged my legs, AND actually called, "Mama!" PRICELESS weh, PRICELESS... Because I rarely left her for a long period of time (like her father oh I get soooo jealous when she ran to him when he came home), I rarely get that feeling you know. That feeling of being loved and appreciated bahaha...

Anyway, long before she got to call my name, she knew already I'm her mama. Any commercial on TV (Mind Q Connect- Anmum), or in books (be it animal books, also), if there's a mother and baby, when I pointed it to her, she would come running towards me and hugged me. Erm. Same goes to Papa as well. But since there aren't many commercials on papa and baby, er well.

Hm. So basically that was it. My first post for 2018. On being a mama :')

During Sofia's first experience to an indoor playground. Kidzoona. Baru tau it's inside Molly Fantasy. #newparents


Widad Jannati said...

I don't know whether you still remember me or not, but you have left a comment on my blog...so I'm returning a visit. Hehehehe.
Anyway, congratulation on being called Mama.. It is a precious moment. I still remember my memories of being call Mama too...and I also remember the jealousy that I felt when my kids 1st word is Abi. Hahahaha. I wonder why...because Abi sounds harder to pronounce compared to Mama. Right? hahaha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Yes I do remember 😊 I rarely left comments so when I do, I remembered them.. haha.

Abi is easier i guess. 'Bi' 'bi' ;p