November 20, 2014

Fingers hurtin'

Violin and organ Titanium cover by Bash and Tita.

Yamaha Concert on Sunday.
My very first Yamaha Concert! One of my dreams... And now it came true. I've always been an audience for Tita and Chairin. Now it's my turn. My fingers are hurting... With every press on the string it feels painfull.

A bit worried about Titanium... Especially the 3rd and 4th finger... Yesterday practiced from morning to Zohor with Tita the pianist. And Along Pinoi the guitarist. Both of them cool doctors. Really. I think they are cool doctors. They got their own style.

Three days more.. Sehari ada 24 jam. Siang main, malam cuba hafalkan notes dan beat. Wuuuu.....!

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