November 14, 2012


Salam Maal Hijrah, 1 Muharam 1434 H.

I'm feeling kind of emotional today... This college I'm staying in is very good, I must say. After Asar they recited the Doa Awal Tahun and after Maghrib they recited the Doa Akhir Tahun, through the speaker. For someone like me who didn't know where to search for the prayers except through Google, it was really a great help. And I'm just so glad I ended up staying here :')
(Though sometimes I feel bothered by the never-ending announcements...)

It's a new year.
Let's open a whole new chapter.

Thing is, for the past few days I've been having more than 180 friends liking my picture on Facebook. I suddenly became famous! Hohoho... Well, I got the opportunity to appear in a local health magazine. It is a 2-page article just about me. Yes. JUST ABOUT ME. With a huge picture of me. With my full name. At the center of the magazine some more... Whoa! And so, being a normal person, I snapped a picture of the segment and post it on my Facebook wall. Nah! I suddenly got attention.

*No, I'm not gonna post a picture of it here. I'm too shy.

And looking at the picture (of myself, in the mag. So vain, I know), I then realized how much I've changed. In appearance, mainly. Few days ago someone leaked out a picture of me not covering my aurat properly... I removed everything on Facebook already, but do note this, 'once you post something on the net, it stays'.

It is a group picture, yes, they have the right. But it would be better if they kept silent instead of pointing out 'Oh, this is a picture of ......' If you don't point it out, they wouldn't even realize... I'm trying to stay strong and ignore all those.

I believed and realized I've changed for the past few years. For the better. I'm hoping for this coming new year I would be even better.


Pocket said...

1) tayang la gambar itu, buleh pocket pung nak tengok... nak gi cari majalah tu, macam tak lehnak tengok lama lama and apa la housemate pocket akan kata kalau dok tak dok pocket beli majalah kesihatan.
Dijual seluruh negara ker tu?

2) can i have your FB?
i dont think we're introduced yet in FB world. (Ker dah!! ? eh?)

3) pictures of us in the net kan,
that is why girls are not suppose to put pictures of them 'naked' and boys are not suppose to put pictures of them with other girls in the net.

teah said...

Hi Pocket!

Alaa... I'm a bit shy la to expose it here. But well, I do have it on facebook. haha. I'll find you in FB, then :)