September 19, 2011

Si Murah Cheapskate

Cheapskate: Someone who spends as little money as possible-used to show disapproval. (Longman Dictionary)

Face it people, everyone loves cheap stuff. 
Including me.

And most shopkeepers seemed to understand and are very well used to this habit, or shall I call it disease? Because it's hard to get a high quality stuff with a low price, yet we still insist. Nak juga.

There was this one occasion where my mum and I were at the hardware shop (duh! where else?). We were looking for a steel hand saw.

First, we saw one which is RM 5.50. It looked a bit like this:
Steel hand saw, the blade can be changed/ replaced (Google-ed).
RM 5.50, people, is actually quite cheap for a steel hand saw that size. I took it off the rack already when I saw the saw blades sold separately in boxes. So I thought, "Eh, why don't we just buy the blades?" We're going to use it to saw a padlock je (we lost the key) anyway, guna tangan pun boleh...

And so, there were two boxes. Two colours: grey and blue. The grey one is obviously a higher quality than the blue one. But we didn't know the price. Oh yeah, the price is important

As we were searching for the price and at the same time comparing both blades, the shopkeeper passed by us and said,
"Tu yang biru tu murah, 50 sen."
He understood well customer's needs, kan? Hahah... Without hesitation, we immediately took the blue one.

Yes, only the blade. Like this one (Google-ed).
Yes yes yes... Stinky gila we only bought the 50 cent blade, only. And must I tell you that we didn't have a steel saw back at home? We had to wear gloves and cover our hands with a thick cloth while sawing the padlock. Tough job. Padan muka kedekut sangat... And the blade actually broke into two as it's too flimsy.
In the end we still have to buy the RM 5.50 steel hand saw. But we wasted 50 cents already... Aiya. 

Later on days later...
We went to get a pipe connector. Asked for assistance from the same guy. He showed us a metal one. Usually plastic/PVC connectors are cheaper.
"Ada yang plastik tak?" we asked.
"Oh, nak yang plastik ke???" the guy asked back. Looking around for the plastic/PVC one.

"Ini berapa?" referring to the metal one.
"Singgit" answered the guy.
Heh. We took it. Only RM 1 okayy... If we still insist on a plastic/PVC one, I don't know what to say. Gila kedekut was the word.

Still not learning from past experiences... We still opt for cheapo cheapo stuffs.
We bought a shower head pipe/hose. A cheap one.
Back home, I must say I regret my purchase. Nak yang murah sangat, the gigi tu cepat gila haus. And the metal is so thin that when you use the paithong to adjust a bit, the hose had a really deep scratch and then it's out of shape. Takkanla I guna pressure kuat sangat sampai bengkok kan?

So yeah, invest a little bit more and you'll get a good one. 
Alah membeli, menang memakai. 


Pocket said...

invest a bit,
there is a reason for it.
like a metal saw and a wooden saw,
if u think both can be use to cut 'things', then u'r in for a big surprise...

tak makan siot!!! gaji kayu ngan besi!!

makan tapi sikiiiiit sangat!!!
gaji besi ngan kayu kaki bangku.


Bashtiah said...

Hi Pocket!
Hahah... I get your point there. Too stinky to buy a proper one that we actually bought a wrong one. heh.

Anum said...

i can fine that point inside the n3

Bashtiah said...

Anum: True true