July 3, 2011

Swimming Safety

Although Bashtiah is a swimming instructor, she knew safety was important!

HA-HA. Oh well, that's why when swimming, I always swim at the first lane which is nearest to the wall. Because you never knew what will happen. Who knows if suddenly my feet got cramped while I was swimming at the middle lane at the deeper end and the lifeguard on duty didn't notice me because she was so caught up talking on the phone? Who knows, right?

I always told my students; even if they can swim, always choose the first lane. This is a reminder for you too, okay. For your own safety.

Yesterday something happened at the end of the class. Starting from two weeks ago, at the end of the class, every student must be able to swim across the pool (deeper end, short lap). Thank goodness, syukur sangat, most of my students can cross the pool without stopping. Although their swimming strokes needed to be polished a bit but they did really well. :)

As usual, all the instructors (including me) would observe their students. As for me, I waited in the pool, in the middle of the pool with my noodle aka belalai gajah. My students needed me. They weren't very confident of swimming at the deeper end, yet... They can swim on their own but I still have to guide them.

Suddenly one student, a small boy, seemed like he was nearly drowning. So I passed my noodle to him, and then two more students came to him, all three hanging on to the noodle... While I did water treading, floating using my feet. Then suddenly....

"CIKGU, CIKGU..!" *a boy grabbed my shirt (I wore t-shirt on top of my swimwear) from behind with BOTH his hands, almost like hugging* GILA.

Guess what I did?

I KICKED HIM. Yes I did. I kicked him upwards and then I moved away. Next thing I knew he was at the side of the pool already.

Real crazy, seriously... If I had the swimming noodle with me I certainly would pass it to him but I only have my own self. That was why I kicked him away. So one more tip, never ever offer your hand or your feet or your fingers to a near drowning person. Use a device, or tool. Anything. Clothes, floats, ropes... Anything.

Oh. By the way my problem is solved already. The students were back to their own teacher after I reported about it. Though I pity the students for having to always change teachers, I believe I just have to stand up for my rights.

At the end of the class, the Principal said; "Berenang betul-betul haa... Tak nak berenang doggy doggy dah ha!"

Obviously he was referring to me as I'm the only swimming teacher who taught my students doggy paddle for the first month... Heh. Terasa saya~

*Sometimes I felt like I'm the most lousy swimming teacher there... But I'll try to improve myself day by day. :)

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