July 22, 2011

Mother Tongue

The one thing that always held me from writing a post is the lack of English proficiency that I have. Dah tu gatal-gatal tulis blog dalam Bahasa Inggeris buat apa...

Proficiency itu apa?
Let me explain. In my own understanding.
Proficiency: Kebolehan, kemahiran, skil. Lack of proficiency=kurang kemahiran.

Yes I do write in English but I certainly don't speak in English ALL THE TIME. Writing, I believe is just one way for me to improve my English language. Because everytime I didn't know any words, I'd have to look it up in the dictionary to avoid mixing Malay and English Language. Bahasa Rojak is soooo uncool... At formal events it makes you look unprofessional. I admit there are times when I mixed both language, though.

Mixed marriage (Google)
But ever since starting i-Renang, the swimming company, I began to realize that I'm having problems in Malay Language as well. Too much writing in English makes me feel awkward when I have to write in Malay. I found myself staring blankly at the computer screen, finding perfect words to answer a simple enquiry in Malay.

Anyway, anyhow... I'm still thinking whether to start blogging in Malay after this. I certainly wouldn't want to go up on stage and say, "I sound stupid in Malay". Well, if, I got the chance to go up on stage and give a speech lah. Haha..


girl*einstein said...

You might not realize that your English is good, please dont write in full Malay. I would surely miss ur English entries. Haha. Ada rojak sikit (teeny bit), but I like it.
Anyways, I'm sure in time you get the proficiency of writing in Malay as well. Keep it up :)

crossheaven said...

Don't worry, Bash. I know one thing for sure, my command of the Malay language sucks and I know only enough to get me by.

My suggestion? Write in English (you have good English, PLEASE to let it go to waste) and speak in Malay.

Bashtiah said...

girl*einstein and crossheaven aka aziff:
Thanks for your advice! And praises,, hahah. (it did boosts a bit of my self-confidence. ;p) Oh yea, I do think it's also about balancing both worlds. Thank you! I sure will keep on writing in English ;)

The Green Girl said...

I think your English is really good. Since I don't know Malay, I cannot comment on that. ::smiles::

Bashtiah said...

GG: Thank you GG! Ha-ha... well I'm not that good in Malay, but not that bad either. ;)