April 12, 2011


You’ve got to have motivation in order to complete something. That's what I realized.

I’ve found my motivation somehow. These past few days I’ve been focusing more compared to before.
I've been gaining more and more knowledge than ever before.
Everytime something bad crossed my mind, I shoo-ed them away. GREAT.

Somehow I've been feeling oh-so-happy for these past few days. =)

Seriously, something magical just happened.
Oh dear motivation, please please stay. Saya mahu jadi pandai!
*Ahem* Oh. And be good too.


Sophie Al-yahya said...

elehhh..tahu dah motivation apa.it's not about what. but it's about who? wahahahaha..

Bashtiah said...

Sophie, tak lah. Internal motivation lah da ada.. ;)