December 3, 2010

A Child's Love

Alalaaa... So sweet, right?

I went to my friends' graduation yesterday and I found this on the roads. It was already dirty and all, kena pijak-pijak, kena langgar-langgar... But I picked it up anyway. To put it in my blog. Because you see, it was such a sweet thing! Obviously someone's mother graduated and they decided to give her something special. If it was my mum's, she would certainly keep it. Yes, my mum actually keeps all those silly simple things we did as a child.

As a small child, we tend to show our appreciation in various ways. As for me, I used to gave her handmade cards because it's cheaper. Hahah... I would lock myself in my room and get busy cutting here cutting there. Eheh. So cute.

But nowadays, as I've grown a little bit older, things changed. I began to think of bigger things to give my mum. No more handmade cards, instead I wanted to give her a new car. (Such a big dream, I know!) The thing is, as I've grown older, I wanted to give my mum the best. And somehow a handmade card just don't seem worth all she had done.

What would make a mother really really really happy?
What actually makes a mother satisfied of her children?
I know a mum would really appreciate it if her children respected her and turned out to be a good person. But what is the main thing?

I know a teacher would be really happy if her students excelled because you see, I've been a teacher before. I've experienced being a teacher. But I haven't been a mother before. Any mothers out there would like to share?

Oh it's okay. I'll just wait 'til I have my own children. Eheh.


Yong Sofea said...

that card is really sweet :')

Bashtiah said...

Yong: Yup, yup! Really really really sweet! See the writings? Really cute. ;) (Thanks for always commenting!)