September 21, 2010

I'm No Kelantanese

but I'm starting to love Dikir Barat!

I believe most Kelantanese love Dikir Barat... It is, afterall, their culture.

Dikir Barat in my understanding is a type of traditional musical form which is performed in groups where they will sit crossed-legged on a platform. It is most popular in Kelantan. The melody and rhythm is usually the same (I think) for every song. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but so far that's what I notice. Do visit this blog for more information, okay.

Kumpulan Dikir Barat Titih Pusaka UiTM Shah Alam.
(Free promotion. Yes, I know you guys appreciate this but, NO, I DO NOT wish to have a song dedicated to me. Thank you very much. Heh.)

I could hear them from my room now. I'm not sure where they are but it IS loud enough for me to hear them clearly from my room on the 8th floor. But I wonder if they are using microphones... Though I couldn't really understand the Kelantan dialect but I still enjoyed listening. It's actually the rhythm that got me attracted, and yes, the voice. Some group leaders do have a nice tone.

But... But if you listen AND watch their performance, it's even more interesting.
Girls, TRUST ME.
Like, hellowww? (bitchy tone) There are like at least fifteen guys to look at. I meant, if the group consists of young lads... Like the guy in the picture. Yes, the one at the corner. Not the one standing okay, mind that. And the good thing is, they are most probably too busy with the hand movements and song lyrics to notice you staring at them.
*Jadi tak adalah macam perigi cari timba... Keh. Keh. Keh...*

Ala... Come on, I'm not the only girl who did this. Well, MOST of my girlfriends also had this same intention. It's not the MAIN purpose, though. Do get this thing straight. That is certainly NOT the main purpose we girls watch Dikir Barat. Nowadays there are also girls who participate in Dikir Barat, okay. I've never watched one, though.

I actually started to get interested in Dikir Barat after watching a Dikir Barat Competition on RTM. There were Dikir Barat performances during the good ol' school days but back then I only viewed it as a form of entertainment. Er... Well, basically because I had a crush on one of the team members. Okay, let's not talk more on that ya.

In the competition, it was really fun watching the two groups debating on a topic in a melodious manner. And I really admire the energy they produced in a group. All those hand movements (It's usually very very fast!), voice projection...
Very synchronized!

"Mari make budu deh!"

***budu is a fish sauce, very very famous in Kelantan. Go try it!

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akmal afiqah said...

hehe..same2 promote team dikir barat uitm <3
dikir brt best kot!!