April 5, 2019

Remember that day

That day I started IRenang Aquatic Rehab. 28th March 2019. Friday.

Can't say remember 'this' day because it has been exactly a week. And so these are the progress. Only 1 post so far. 18 followers, minus 3 la including my account, my bestie, and irenang itself. Yeah the age views also less than 100. OK less than 50 even.

I'm happy I made this huge step. It's very overwhelming, seriously. Like I already started doing rehab years ago, but I didn't really advertise it as in make it proper.

I didn't focus much on it. Kept on teaching swimming, teaching swimming, teaching swimming. But really, this is what I reallllyyyy wanted to do.

So having this page is just a sign for myself, a kick start for myself. Let's do this.

By the way. I planned on starting after Raya. But eh, I already got two backpain patients starting their rehab next week.

I tried to slot in jugak because I was really just thinking. Hey, maybe they can perform their ibadah puasa better nanti.

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