March 1, 2019

Weaning off Sofia

Hi. I failed miserably. And it's only half day!

Told her already tomorrow no more nenen, 'at night only'.

Earlier this morning despite being scratched (just near my left eye... a very long one) and kicked at, I managed to shift her attention by giving her a large bowl of popcorn.

And I hugged her. I read it is not a good thing to leave toddlers running 'amok' on their own. Be beside them. So yeah that was what I did and tu lah, got kicked.

For afternoon nap, she really insisted on latching. Same thing like this morning only much more aggressive. Much much more aggressive.

"Nak siang siang jugak!"

"One only! One only!" with that index finger pointing, such distress. My mum purposely went out of the house to avoid any conflict haha. Okay not haha. She left after saying, "Kesian dia..." and that I wean off too late already.

I gave in. While letting her latch, I myself was in tears also. I can't do this.

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