December 20, 2018

Starting the '3'

I can't sleep. I feel anxious about turning 30 next year. Serves me right for reminding Mimey that she too is born in 1989, so we both will hit 30 next year. Entah she have read my post dedicated for her in Instagram tu ke belum. Entah-entah dah tidur. But me? Here I am at 11.26pm not yet asleep.

What have been going in my mind was wow I'll be turning 30 next year. About 15 years ago I was in such a state where I struggled a lot. And now, there's this two new people in my life. Iz, my husband and Sofia, my daughter. These two new people in my life. Tomorrow, InshaAllah I will meet more people who just came into my life and well, be part of my life. Family.

And, what else is in store for me in the future? My sister in law I met her first when she was still in school, now is about to get married. Time passed.

And, what have I done all these years? What will I do more? What should I do more?

30. 30 years of life.

Biasalah nak tahun baru. Just that this year extra a bit because I'll be starting with 3 pulak.

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