July 28, 2018

Uwannn... Finally!

Sofia finally said "Uwan"!

She has been calling mum "Uwak" confidently all this while...

I just finished praying Maghrib when she came to me. She has been playing with my mum while I was praying. Kantoi tak khusyuk solat... Huhu... Anyway, she came to me to report what she has been doing with mum.

Pointing to my mum, she said, "Uwan" and I shrieked... "Eh Sofia panggil Uwan!!!"

To which she got embarrassed. And went to her favourite mattress, tilam kekabu, to lie down. Of course I just have to go after her and make her say that again. Hahahah. And again. And again... Hehehe. Mum of course is so happy... But I kind of miss her saying, "Uwak"

Hm. We all will miss that.

Sofia... In just a few days will turn 2 years old. Her vocabs and pronunciation are very much clearer now. Some words she can say clearly are: mama (duh of course), papa, nenen (haha!), apple, ball, deer (seriously while writing this I was thinking of her ABC book... Recalling my reading session with her. It's always A for apple and B for ball, right?

Hmm... Lagi apa? Book, camel, eye, nose, ear, mouth, tongue, hair, chin, ketiak... Suddenly terselit BM I don't care... Because she saw me using deodorant... Letak mana deodorant? Ketiak la.

Children learn most by watching. Ever heard that? SO TRUE. I've had so many things copied by Sofia. Scary weh... You really have to be careful in what you do...

Okay. Padahal I just wanted to tell about her success in pronuncing Uwannn. The N is purposely exaggerated there, just like how she pronounced it.

There. Picture taken on 26th July. What do you do when you're tired and your lil' one only naps for 30 minutes and that 30 minutes was while you were inside the car?

You have an ice-cream together with her. One each.

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