July 18, 2018

Penyelesaian 2.0

Ah living with a kid. There really is no one time solution. They will keep on learning and then you have to find new ways on how to solve it.

Sofia. Like any other kid, I think, will always make a mess. There was this one time where she love to take out folded clothes. Like, 2 or 3 times per day at least. Take out and toss. Take out and toss. Read about it here.

I found a new solution, peeps. Yea I did. And I don't have to deal with that kind of mess for weeks. Months. Of course she kept on making other messes but that is another story la okay. I got a new drawer. Hehe. A new drawer, a new way to open. Hahaha! Seriously, I could see her frustration when she couldn't open it. Mama won!

But such a smart girl. When I slide open the top drawer, she took out clothes from the drawer below from the back. From. The. Back. Such a smart girl... So I make a point to only open the drawer when she wasn't looking. But really, sampai bila? 

Like I said, one solution is not the final solution. Eventually, Sofia succeeded in opening them. A very observant kid, she managed to open the drawer in just few weeks I think. Whoa I still remember her face when she managed to slide open the drawer. Such a proud kid.

This is the drawer, by the way.
It's empty, now actually.

I had the drawer on the floor when she still haven't mastered how to open it... Then I had it on the table. But I got so fed up and my back hurts of having to carry her while she take out all the clothes that I just took it down and basically, just let her be. And the cycle continues. Except now that instead of take out and toss... It is now take out, acukan on her body, see if it fits or not; I think coz I do that at her when I shopped for her clothes nowadays. And then the clothes were left on the floor. Take out another cloth, try it out, and take out another one.

Yes now the drawer is empty. I just piled up her clothes on top of the table next to it. Which is a nuisance when finding her clothes.

So I've resulted to another solution. HAHA. Because I figured at the Eco Shop or Kedai Bajet as Sofia called it, small hangers are sold for only RM2 for 10 pieces. Let's see how this goes.

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