June 2, 2018

Sofia these days

Salam Ramadan! Like previous yearsss, during the whole month of Ramadan I am off from the pool. No pool session at all. Work still goes on; planning classes, taking registrations, doing promotions, etc... Sofia is definitely the happiest person during this month. Coz I'm home 24/7. And also because her father came home early. Slightly earlier.

Sempat lagi examining semut yang menghurung sisa makanan sebelum keluar rumah... Sofia at 1 year 10 months old.

When she woke up these days, she would ask...

Papa pergi work.
Mama tak pergi work... Mama cuti harini :)
Uwan pun tak pergi work. Uwan cuti...

And just few days ago, she started to pronounce her name! My husband was pointing to pictures one night, introducing papa, mama, Sofia... And when he pointed to her again, she actually said her name! Oiya... Well, not very complete la and sometimes Eiya or Iyya but girl, no worries, I got what you mean. And when she said her name, da*n I melt.

M-E-L-T. It just sounded so cute! And, she is rarely cute these days. Sangat lasak sangat mencabar kesabaran.

Sofia boleh. Mama tak boleh blow dalam baldi ni, too small for mama :)

Siapa nak ais krim?
Okay :) :) :)

Sofia pun tak pergi work. Sofia at home dengan mama :) :) :)

And she smiled. Bahagia isn't it... Mama at home... Not that I always left her anyway. Like, I only left her at home with her father for a few hours only on weekends. But that might seem like the whole day for her eh...

Anyhow, that was basically our conversation these days. It's the fasting month now, kan. Sometimes while she was eating she would offer me some. I'd say I'm fasting. Then she would go on and ask 'Papa? Uwak?' Not sure how long this conversation will last. She's learning so fast now. Everyday ada je benda baru. Gosh I haven't blogged about her success in blowing bubbles! And everyday I prayyyy for Allah to increase my patience.


ayunie ramli said...

waaa. bestnya. dah la ank pndai sebut tu depan kita. hihi. slmt pose bash walaupn dah nk hbis pose. hihi

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Alhamdulillah.. Tq, mek. Selamat berpuasa juga!