June 6, 2018

Perihal turkey slice

Ah just a normal day... Getting stuffs to cook. Put inside the cart and then line up to pay at the cashier. My mum carried Sofia around while waiting for me to pay. Sofia threw a fix before that by the way because she wanted a book. Okay, other than Kinder Joy and other chocolates, please don't put children books at the counter. Hm. Not that Sofia knew already what Kinder Joy is anyway. #notintroducingtoher

Until, some random auntie hugged me from the back. Okay, not the cuddling type la. But more like hugging my shoulders to membawang. Whoever created that term la. Tau-tau je dah hot at socmed...

"Ni... Nak bagitau ni... Tu.. Benda tu..." (mouth pouting towards my stuffs at the counter)

"Ha? Yang mana?" (Looking at my stuffs. Got blueberries, chicken parts and some other things la can't remember really)

"Tu... Apa tu nama dia.. Daging tu"

"Oh turkey slice"

"Haaa... Yes yes. Auntie nak bagitau jangan selalu sangat beli tu... Not good. Because it's processed you know. Tak bagus..."

"Oh.. Okay-okay thank you thank you"

I tried to avoid myself from looking at the things that she bought. Jangan tengok, Bashtiah... Jangan tengok... But I overheard she wanted plastic bags (okayla I asked for plastic bags too). So she doesn't care much bout the environment huh. #tapihealthconscious

See? That is exactly why I avoided looking at her groceries. Because I might have points to judge her. Who knows? Tengok sikit kau beli apa. Healthy sangat kerrr...

*Cashier guy trying to insert back Pocky biscuits inside the box. Already eaten by Sofia obviously. And a Gardenia chocolate bun, just 1/4 left. Okay blah sekarang Bashtiah karang kena lagi...*

Turkey slice

Truth is, we rarely buy this. I didn't tell her though. Dah lama tak kena tegur dengan stranger so reaksi lambat sikit. In fact I think it has been yearsss since we last bought it. This one my mum picked, because she wanted to use it for her buns. BUT, honestly, I do have in mind to buy it for making sandwiches. So I'll take this as a reminder from God for me to not buy again next time. 

And to also react faster. Baru first time (after years) kut beli omg.

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