June 21, 2018

Eid 2018- A crying Sofia

How's Raya? Ask Sofia.

And her response would be,
"Why do we have to go to people's houses..." (while crying)

Yeap. She cried at the door and refused to go in. Asked for mama to carry, for papa to carry... A minute with mama, another minute with papa. Okay scratch that out. Not even a minute. Few seconds with papa few seconds with mama. Terrified of going into people's houses. Gosh. And it's Hari Raya!

Seriously, Sofia.

"Mama? Mama... Mama?"
Hear that and I know already, okay it's coming. No need to go inside the house. She's gonna burst!

The first house we went was my bestie's. Nope she didn't cry at that time but she was super duper clingy with Iz and I. And when you meet your bestie of 20+++ years, there is just so much to talk about! Especially when you just saw a childhood friend you both knew who omg puberty hits her so damn hard coz man she is so damn hot now. Okay enough. But not fair because Tita haven't even seen her yet. She only heard of her hot-ness...

At my bestie's house, there were other kids. Boys. When she saw a glimpse of them, well, she began to feel at ease. Padahal before that even their cat couldn't ease her much. She began to smile. Looked at me and smile. Okay okay I know you girl... Nak berkawan, orang tua-tua cakap...

Playing with the cat together. My bil captured this. So sweet eh? Of course under papa's surveillance. Spot the dude wearing matching baju melayu with Sofia.

Okay just to clear things off... Sofia hugged him first. Okay, clear. Yea under mama's surveillance.

So, because it was all oh so smooth at that house I even had to ajak balik more than 5 times (Iz borak-borak and Sofia trying to make friends), I didn't really expect her to act that way at the following house. And also because she met those people already. Not strangers la kiranya.

Anyhow, at my aunts' house she cried. Had to umpan with magnets on their fridge. The next house also. Had to umpan with ais krim paddlepop. The last house no need to umpan I don't know why.

Maybe because we went to the house already but no one inside so when we went for the second time, the house was quite familiar to her. I don't know. Or maybe because she was full and contented already. Had ice cream, ketupat nasi, ayam goreng... All which I fed her outside the house and while she was playing magnets and while she was eating ice cream.

2 Syawal at Mydin

KL peeps raya kedua already go eat KFC, said Iz. Fine la. Next time we go raya Kelantan. How la my kampung in KL okay. Second raya we went to my aunts' house in USJ. We always went there (with Sofia). Just that masa raya there were extra visitors. Okay, the same people we met the day before OMG SOFIA. And she just had to cry again. I'm sorry I'm not really a patient person. I've tried la I've tried. I didn't lose my temper at her though, I just decided to go. Leave the place fast.

Padahal sebelum tu such a happy girl. No alarming signs. Had to crop myself out... #thestruggleisreal

So we (I) took her directly to the car. Let Iz soothe her inside the car while I took a picture of her and soothe myself on my own no shoulders to cry on Sofia.

Papa's shoulder to cry on...

Tak jalan also. she pointed to a shop so Iz thought she might want us to move the car. Jalan-jalan. So we went la. To KFC Mydin.

Perut kenyang suka hati... Another theory: Sofia cried because she was hungry. Iz and I bet, this second time around going back to the same house, cried or not?

Second time around.

Okay. Cuba teka.

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