May 23, 2018

Fried Enoki Mushroom (cendawan enoki goreng)- Recipe

My mum rarely approved what I cook. Enough said. So when she herself bought the ingredients for me to make again the next day, that means it is really good... And when she bought the ingredients in a bigger quantity for me to make more... It must have been really, really, really good eh. Hehehe.

Fried Enoki Mushroom
Looked like ketam goreng eh... But nope, they were mushrooms.

The ingredients are simple:
1. Enoki mushrooms
2. Campuran Tepung Goreng Rangup Serbaguna Bestari

There are two types; Asli and Pedas. I use Asli so that Sofia can eat also.

Initially I used only one packet of Enoki mushroom, but for the second time mum bought two. Sedap kan...

Honestly, I seriously think the secret lies in the coating mix. The tepung itself tasted good. Already complete with salt, no need to add egg whatsoever. Just add water.

How to:
1. Cut off the Enoki Mushroom roots.
2. Tear them apart into strands.
3. Wash them off thoroughly.
*Set aside first*

Next, prepare stuffs to coat those mushrooms. Not much pun, like I said earlier, just add water. But, we will do DOUBLE COATING.

First coating- a little bit of Bestari flour and water. Maybe just one tablespoon of flour and a cup of water. A very light batter. Dip the Enoki Mushrooms inside the batter.

Second coating- a dry coating. Bestari flour only.

And then, fry them off. DONE!

Tips and tricks:
- To avoid too much clumping like cekodok, when dipping into the dry coating, spread out the Enoki Mushroom strands and instead of mixing them around inside the flour, just sprinkle flour on top of it and pat pat pat.
- If you are super rajin, of course, you can do strand by strand. Sehelai... Sehelai... Memang tak la for me, bila nak habis...
- To maintain the shape (bergumpal or no gumpal) of your fried Enoki Mushroom while frying, don't keep on turning them over. Wait until one side is brown, then only flip to the other side.

Okay, selamat mencuba!