December 15, 2017

Bila Sofia dapat kaki...

Dia memang betul-betul gunakan kaki tu.

Hi! Lama gila tak update blog. Blame it on Lazada. Kept on making Flash Sales, dude I bought a lot of things already from them! The other day got Lipstick Fair, and then Baby Fair, and then the 11.11 sale. Gosh! Dahsyat betul.... Oh, thank you so much blogger friends for still dropping by comments! I read each one of them. I'll try to reply each one and visit your blog okay.

Anyhow, back to the main topic. Yeah Sofia dah dapat kaki. In other words, she can walk already. 10th October 2017 to be exact (I actually had to scroll down my Instagram photos to get this date. Ha-Ha.)... Walking completely on her own without assistance. A lot of people I met told me, well, more to warn me about when Sofia 'dapat kaki'. Relatives, strangers, friends... Everyone warned me about it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hoi, belecak weh ketiak... Belecak! With her tot tet tot tet shoes... Squeaking here and there. It started as tot.tet.tot.tet... And then it got faster tot tet tot tet tot tet tot tet. Dah nak berlari already.

She walks freely around the house now. Taking whatever she pleased along the way. Moving things wherever she wanted to.

We took her to the stadium. Just for a while only to watch people exercising. Okay, truth was my husband wanted to give me some 'me time' inside the car sipping Starbucks. Not a fan of Starbucks before. Later if I got the time I'll write about it. Hah. This was actually on our way back home after the trial swimming lesson that was cancelled due to dirty pool. Watching people jogging and walking might have inspired her because just not long after this event, she started to practice walking more without us holding her. I think it took her about a week or so of practicing (day and night).

I remember there was this one time she took a few steps on her own. I blogged about it, I think. But after that one trial, she didn't show much progress until this one time (after we took her to the stadium). After the stadium event, she showed tremendous progress! Okay why am I being so detailed? Hahahahah! All mums are like that, kut? Record every single progress. Every single tiny progress. Hahah.

Erm. This is a latest picture of Sofia. She's 1 year 4 months now. Like I captioned this picture on my Instagram 'Bila dah dapat kaki, memang betul-betul dia guna kaki tu'.

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