October 9, 2017

Not even one napkin spared

Bila Sofia berkemas, dia berkemas betul-betul...

She took out all the clothes (and two drawers) and went some place else. There were still two folded napkins on top. Guess what? When she came back to the drawer, saw the two folded napkins, she decided no no no, these two gotta go down too. Heh.

People kept telling me, 'Dapat kaki ni habisla...' 

Apa dapat kaki? Ni baru nak dapat kaki pun dah macamni... She can now walk about 2 metres far without support. Further than that she would hold my hand and we would walk side by side.

Yeah, a very huge mess. But seriously, I feel proud of myself. A verrrrrry huge mess yet I didn't get angry, even for second! I did tried to put her to nap, few times, and failed coz she still wanted to play, and it was already around 3pm? 

Gosh, I am a really patient mum today. Haha.

See? Nothing inside, nothing on top also.


Nurzakiah Hanum said...


ayunie ramli said...

kan hahahah :) tkpe, bg dia main dlu. bior dia blaja. we call it as motor skill :)

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Yup! Motor skills... demi anak hoi.