September 2, 2017

Sofia's first four steps...

Sofia took her first four steps today. Well, it started off by one step, and then she tried again and got two steps. The final one she got four steps towards her father. Didn't manage to get it on camera, though. And that was it. I wanted her to walk towards me but hm, nope. It's okay... There will be another time.

As I was clearing off pictures in my phone, I stumbled across a picture of her and my husband during Aidiladha last year (12th September 2016), when she was only about a month lebih sikit. 

Aidiladha 2016

My cousin send us a picture she took during the first day of Aidiladha, yesterday. Fuh. Despite being in her walker, she looked so grown up!

Aidiladha 2017

She looked a bit skinny, though. Must be the angle. Hahah. Ah anyways, dah besar dah anak mama. Sofia went to sleep early today, before Maghrib. She hasn't been sleeping much today. Iz took her to watch cows at the surau early in the morning and later on we brought her on the MRT. And then back home she tried walking some more. Such a busy day for a baby. Which explains why I managed to get a whole post on Nasi Bamboo up and still get to clear off my phone AND write another blog post.

Aih... Seronok tengok Sofia tidur. Signing off now. Gotta rest.

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