July 13, 2017

Watch me on tv2!

Yup, watch me in action on TV2, this Sunday. I watched the teaser just now and dude, I sounded funny. Anyway, selamat menonton!

Latest update on 18th July 2017:
Don't worry if you missed it! You can watch it online at http://myklik.rtm.gov.my/berkala-program/30893/55857


atiehilmi dot com said...

waa.. bestnye dapat masuk tibi.. hee~

Mommy Cici said...

aalaa terlepasss. -_- I tak bukak blog last Friday.

if ada siaran ulangan let me know babe. I akan rebut remote dengan Lihin. hahaha

tu rancangan kids ke? macam pernah dengar Chiki Boom tu.