July 19, 2017

Buying books for Sofia

Ever since realizing Sofia could flip pages, I know I should get her more books. When you have a baby, you tend to appreciate even the tiniest of achievements. She used to only bite the books, but recently she has started flipping pages. Still biting at times but well, it's a start.

Apa? Beli je online? Well, I already did. I bought a cloth book for about RM11.88 at Lazada (Hi, Mummy Cici!)... Very cheap, I think. But Sofia wasn't really interested in it... Hm. Honestly, I wasn't satisfied with the product either. When I opened the package,  flipped the pages, I was like... Ini je? Hm.


Went to Borders and saw a section for babies and toddlers. But I still couldn't find the touch and feel books that I wanted. But there are a lot of childrens' books that are so cute! And cheap, too! Okay, affordable. Belasan ringgit okay la kan.

I settled for these two books. Both of these tak sampai RM50 pun. Belasan ringgit je each of this. Of good quality too.

Tapi... Tak sampai 24 jam beli buku tu...
*sigh* And everytime we gave her this book, she would search for this particular section to bite.

While waiting for my husband to pay for the books, I finally found what I wanted. It was written clearly, 'Baby Touch'. Published by Lady Bird, quite a famous publisher for kids books. Each book is around RM40. Exactly what I wanted; different textures for different objects, there's a mirror, wool on the sheep's body. But I didn't buy it. Saving it for next time pulak since I already bought two books. Well, at least I know where to find them.

Oh, do note that these are the ones at IOI Putrajaya. Later on I went to MPH Bangi Gateway. Yup, just a small bookshop. But weh, they have those type of books! By the way, there are also childrens books sold at supermarkets. Econsave ada... Tesco also ada. I've bought a few ones published by MIND TO MIND for Sofia. There are other publishers too, I'm not so sure. But really, you have to check page by page because sometimes F will stand for Fitnah and seriously, who would want to explain what FITNAH is to a baby?

So yeah, pergilah cari.

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