June 21, 2017

The best trick ever

Something I got from watching Al-Kuliyyah last week, Ustaz Elyas Ismail.

Got it? Keep yourself busy by doing good things until you are too tired/ exhausted to do bad things. It's not about keep doing good things until you are so used to it, but more to keeping yourself busy and using up all your energy. Like, using up all your voice to recite the Quran until no more voice to gossip. Can ah? 

Anyway, that, worked really well on me once. Except the fact that I made myself busy with something else to avoid from doing another thing. I like to text message (zaman sms, no whatsapp) my then boyfriend; who is now my husband, about almost everything. Bercerita. Telling him about how I misplaced my purse, what I think of the economy (cewah), and all sorts of things. Well, lelaki. He didn't quite like that. One of his point that I remembered until now is, "Kalau cerita semua sekarang, nanti lepas kahwin takde benda nak cerita dah" Sentap. So I thought okay fine I will not cook anymore for you, later dah kahwin I got nothing more to cook dah. Eh lari topik!

Okay, back to my main point. To avoid from texting him often, I turned to blogging and reading journals. If I found something interesting, I would rant it out on the blog. If I don't feel like blogging, I would read journals. I read a lot until sometimes I forgot about him. I also turn to blogging to avoid spending too much time scrolling Facebook. Too much screen time on blogging that my eyes got tired to scroll Facebook pulak. See? This really work!

Almost the end of Ramadan now, I hope by sharing this in this holy month I could at least get a bit of pahala eh. Heheh. Selamat beramal!


Mommy Cici said...

betul jugak tu. contoh busykan diri dengan buat kerja rumah , so takde masa nak join persatuan mengumpat penduduk setempat hahahah

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Kannnn.... Betul tu.