June 19, 2017

Fruit cocktail jelly pudding (recipe)

Another new recipe I tried in 2017!

10 g serbuk agar-agar (I use the Nona jelly powder, only 8 grams. Turned out okay je.)
1  tin buah-buahan cocktail
150 g gula kaster
650 ml air
250 ml susu cair (I use Ideal)

How to:
1. Heat up the jelly powder, sugar, and water in a pot until the sugar melts; not necessary for the water to boil, as long as the sugar melts.
2. Pour in the susu cair. Let it boil. Yes, until mendidih then tutup api.
3. Add in the fruits. Make sure to drain them first. We only want the fruits.
4. Pour it into your jelly mould, kalau tak ada tuang je in any baking pan, like I did. I also pour some into tiny plastic tupperwares. 
5. Let it cool for a while before putting it into a refrigerator.
6. Potong ikut suka and ready to serve!

Additional information:
  • I used a Red coloured jelly powder, added with the white susu cair, my jelly turned out a nice pink colour.
  • I read up in one blog, she cut out the fruits into smaller pieces before putting them inside the jelly. You can do so as well if you want to jimat a bit on the fruits.
  • In case you didn't notice, mine got a lot of bubbles... Asked mum about it and she said I could just simply remove the bubbles; scoop it out with a spoon before letting it harden up.

I was so happy it turned out okay that I planned on making them for Hari Raya. Hahahah! And I even asked my husband if his office is having any potluck. Or if they are not having one, I planned on making them just for them to take home bagi anak. Macam tu la kan... Baru dapat one easy recipe, nak jaja seluruh dunia. Hahaha...

Selamat mencuba!


Adam said...

Thank you for sharing. I'll try it.

Mommy Cici said...

wah babe i cari yg ni lah. 2,3 years ago dah buat lepas tu lupa. now bila i search google semua keluar yg jenis berkuah. hahaha

Adam said...

Selamat ai raya

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

You're welcome!

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Yeay! I'm glad i can help 😊😊😊

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Selamat hari raya