May 15, 2017

Oh boleh eh

On being a mother.

A first time mother. I always have that "Oh boleh eh?" moment. Cooking porridge for Sofia, instead of cutting the chicken breast into pieces, my mum simply dump the whole thing into the pot along with the rice. I used to cut them all into small pieces. My mum said boleh... Later when the porridge is ready, simply carik-carik the isi, take out the bones and fat before you blender it.

My mum bathed Sofia in the kitchen sink. I bathed Sofia in a baby bathtub.

My mum's porridge for Sofia got a lot of things; ikan bilis, spinach, mushroom. Mine would be ikan bilis and spinach or ikan bilis with carrot. Full stop. I planned on frying the mushroom (cendawan celup tepung), but then mum asked why don't I put them inside the porridge as well. Again, "Oh boleh eh?"

There are many other things that I just learnt about. Which I believe is the exact reason why sometimes I am a bit slow in taking care/ managing Sofia. Whenever I feel down; especially when sometimes I feel that I lose to my mum (her porridge for Sofia is wayyyy more sedap than mine; because I like to eat it as well... My bubur for Sofia? Erm. Sofia jelah makannnn...), I reminded myself that I am still learning, I am still learning, I am still learning. And, I did my best. That is the most important thing.


Orked V. said...

sama la kite bash.. tu xpe lagi, adam pulak tersangat la picky eater. lag mak pening. uwaaaaaaa

kadang2 terfikir, sbb sebelom ni sya control betol mknn die ke? ye la mase die awal2 makan dlu (smpai umo setahun jugak la) sya mmg control betol. no sugar, no salt, no oil, no food after 8pm, yadayada. so mmg die makan sket je. lastnye smpai skrg pon mkn sesuap dua je cmtu.

penah ade skali die demam, adam refuse sume - porridge, nasik, roti, last nye sya bg die choc cloud9 tu je. janji lapik perot sikit sbb nk bg ubat. uwaaaa..

tp tak suka makan pon, die punye dobot, lengan ketul-ketul tu ttp maintain. hoho

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Baby masa demam memang kurang selera makan kut, sya... Haritu Sofia demam pun dia refuse makan apa yang dia suka. Siap muka kelat macam nak muntahkan balik lagi...