March 20, 2017

Being a mum nowadays

I was sweeping, well basically cleaning up the staircase when suddenly this one thought occurred. If it wasn't because of mum using my handphone and I had nothing to do (Sofia's sleeping), I wouldn't be sweeping now. Haha. Seriously. I would be going online reading up articles or (and) scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Not sweeping.

 But I'm handphone-less now as my mum was using my phone.

Anyhow, feeling bored, I got up and do some cleaning. Our house is not that messy (just in case you got the wrong idea), it's just that there are little things that can be done to make it more neat. Tangga, dapur, anywhere, everywhere. Which makes me think, wow I actually have the time to clean up!

Which I think why it is hard being a mum nowadays (well for me, at least). Because sometimes we got too attached to social media. And updating my life on Instagram and Facebook is more important... Than cleaning up the staircase? But seriously, sometimes it is like that. Taking a good photo of it, must flatlay, must arrange nicely, is time consuming already. Thinking of a caption (and the hashtags) is also time consuming.

And if you don't post a picture on Instagram for a long time, when you finally posted one, Instagram would inform your friends, 'Bashtiah finally posted an update after a long time' (lebih kurang, can't remember the exact sentence). See how Instagram welcomes and appreciates you for updating? Your friends would check out that picture and double tap. And you'll be like, eh siapa ni bila masa dia follow aku. And then you click on their profile, stalk stalk stalk... Eh Sofia dah bangun! Tangga dah kemas belum? Tangga tu, tangga...

This not only occur to my tangga. But all the other chores like basuh baju, sidai baju, lipat baju, masak, masak makanan sofia, masak makanan untuk kunyah-kunyah...

But I have other excuses. I have a business so I HAVE TO GO ONLINE. Hahaha. Padahal things can be done in advance; schedule posts etc... The thing is, I think things are more simple wayyyy back then. Without smartphones, without unifi, without wifi... But then wayyyy back then, although things are more simple, but don't you think in a way things are actually more complex? For example to cook, have to go out find kayu api, wash clothes at any sungai, have to go find/ hunt for food in the forest... Which I think, every generation faced different challenges. My mum being a mum in her days faced different challenges, me being a mum these days faced different challenges. And Sofia (inshaAllah) being a mum will face different challenges as well.

Anyhow, right now after realizing how much time I actually spent on social media and how it affected my staircase, I've resorted to reduce my time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram (and blogger, too). I've resorted to go through one blog at a time. I'd visit one blog per day and read and drop comments for just one blog at a time. Weh you guys really write a lot! Compared to me, one entry per week? Hahahah. But seriously, I'm trying to slow down a bit on social media and try to be a better person offline. Like, rumah betul-betul kemas instead of just one spot yang kemas that is reserved for photos uploaded online. Get it? We tend to portray only good things online. Ah but that's another topic pulak.

Okay, that's it for now. Got to go kemas-kemas!

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ayunie ramli said...

Mek akn online bile btol btol tk bz. Mksud mek yg depan mata dh memang clear :) Slagi tk clear, scroll fb pun tk sng. If everything dh clear, scroll fb smpai lena pun tk pe :)