January 5, 2017

Entering 2017

Sebenarnya I already wrote a post on Sunday morning, 1st January 2017, but I didn't get to complete it because well, Sofia woke up already. So here I am rewriting about my new year.

The new year night I only get to hear the sound of fireworks. Yes, hear... I was wide awake, lying down while nursing Sofia. A very crucial moment to get her to sleep (more crucial than any other day) as she had been having a bit of a tantrum earlier. The second time for today, actually. I'll post about the first tantrum earlier during the day later. The situation was almost similar to what we faced during the impromptu trip to Penang. She was so restless she wouldn't sleep and calm down.

But this time it was just Iz, Sofia, and I.

The three of us spend the night at Summit Signature in Slim River. It was a prompt decision made by my husband as we were still on the road at 6pm and we still have about 2 hours journey back home. Not so prompt I guess. Iz seemed well prepared with extra clothes... And yes, he packed 14 oz of formula milk. 14 oz for a one day trip to Sungai Siput? But ended up we wasted almost 10 oz as she refused formula milk. She wanted to latch instead.

Seriously, in the car when Iz suddenly asked me whether I wanted to go back home straight or singgah anywhere, I was taken aback. Singgah mana?! It was almost 6pm kut and Sofia was starting to feel uneasy because it was almost her bath time. And you're asking me nak singgah mana... Yeah, Sofia dan mandi tak boleh dipisahkan.

"Takdala, sekarang dah nak pukul 6. Kita check in Slim River jelah"

"Ada budget ke?"

"Sebab ada budget la offer..."

And so he made a call (while driving... jangan tiru aksi ini) and we exit the highway at the Slim River toll. The hotel is just a few metres away from the toll. In fact, you can see the hotel already. It is the tallest building at the area.

I called mum to consult her about our decision. Er well, more like informing her as Iz was already on his way to check in while I was on the phone... Sebaik letak telefon Iz pun sampai dengan kunci bilik. Hahaha. Mum seemed to disagree so I only send a message to inform her. Haha just to avoid getting blabbered some more.

Sofia seemed so relieved finally getting to lie down. She actually had on a batik dress, but we changed her clothes at RnR Tapah to prepare her for the long journey back home in the air conditioned car.

My in-laws dropped by the hotel to tumpang solat and freshen up a bit before leaving back to KL. And when it was just the three of us, I just feel so calm and content. Not that I don't like them, just that finally we have some quiet (not really) time alone, just the three of us.

Well, it was actually a good thing. Just the three of us entering the new year. Our small family. After struggling for hours trying to calm Sofia down and get her to sleep, we feel so relieved we managed to do it. Iz and I, we both succeeded in calming her down ourselves.

I woke up early the next morning before Subuh to pray Isyak and had a few minutes to myself just to reflect and think about this small family I'm blessed with (and how everything suddenly makes sense now; Iz brought extra clothes, cepat je dapat nombor telefon hotel, 14 oz of formula milk, nasib baik he bought me a new kaftan). Iz and Sofia were cuddling on the bed. Alhamdulillah... Though I didn't see any fireworks, having these two in my life as I'm entering 2017 is a blessing enough.

From these two pictures, clearly those two had on different clothes... 


Orked V. said...

family is life's greatest blessing kan bash. alhamdulillah..

may allah protect us and our family. owh, and syuhhhh all coco-species from our keturunan. bhahahahahahahahhaa (just read about coco sebenarnya)

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Alhamdulillah... Sya, bash ni lagilah tak tahu pun pasal apa kes coco tu.. hahahha.. tak sempat-sempat nak baca.

Mommy Cici said...

I paling gagah bawak Lihin and Maira lah. Ash kena tinggal sebab pengsan lah I nak handle 3 ketul sekali.

I nak kena peluk nak kena tepuk. adoi. apa apa pun bab berak husband kena take over hahahah

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahahah! I boleh bayangkan betapa kelam kabutnya kalau bawa 3... Ini yang satu pun tak terkejar oi...