December 3, 2016

To Toys "R" Us with Sofia

Two trips to Toys "R" Us in one week! I even signed up for a Members Card. Take all my money, Sofia. Take all my money...

We went to Toys "R" Us again last Saturday. Just because during the previous time I forgot to bring a voucher that I received from the hospital where I gave birth to Sofia. But the thing is, voucher or no voucher, during that last time, we still get Sofia a toy. Only difference is, with the voucher, we can get a more expensive one. Hahaha.

30% off Fisher-Price products.

I've been meaning to get Sofia this one particular play gym that I saw in the Fisher-Price baby guide booklet. Such good marketing strategy, this Fisher-Price people. Anyway, dah ada diskaun... Why not? The voucher is valid til end of December, so I kind of pushed Iz to take us both there.

Going to IOI City Mall the second time, this time with a stroller; easy on my hands but not very convenient in Toys "R" Us. The alley is narrow and the wheels keep getting stuck in corners. Sofia, being there for the second time, she knew what's in store and refused to lie down in her stroller. Adding to that was a paranoid mother who brought along a huge diaper bag filled with napkins and diapers and milk and a water tumbler... Iz was kind enough to carry the bag for me, though. 

At one time, Iz was so focused on getting the  toy boxes down from the rack that he just left Sofia in her stroller at his back. I was looking at the rack and couldn't reach. He immediately came to me, leaving Sofia. I reminded him there and then (nearly scolding), DON'T JUST LEAVE HER LIKE THAT!

The Fisher-Price play gyms that were on display ranged between RM 250 to RM 500. My budget is only around RM 150 (after discount) so I nearly gave up and just take a cuddly toy. We already put the toy in our stroller (Sofia not inside) and went to other sections when I suddenly decided, I still wanted a play gym for her. Iz said he saw more play gyms around the Fisher-Price area so we went back there. Iz carrying Sofia and me pushing the cuddly toy lying in the stroller...

The one thing that kind of pissed us was that most items didn't have a price tag. Iz had to carry a few boxes (play gyms were in boxes) to the cashier in front to check for the price. After countless of boxes, we finally found one (on the rack at the back) that suit my budget.

Wanted to get KFC but the line was too long so we just take pictures in front of a Christmas tree at the centre court and head home. Iz drove to a RnR nearby and we simply ordered KFC by drive-thru only. Having a baby, gotta be smart eh.

So yeah. That sums it all; going all the way to IOI City Mall just to get Sofia a toy.


shafiza said...

Memang adventure sikit kan bila bawah baby kecil jalan2 ni. Hehe lucky me, fiza tak beli apa semua kecuali baby rocker sebab kakak fiza turunkan all baby things kat fiza sebab semua anak dia dah besar dan semua brg baby masih in a good condition. Hehe

ayunie ramli said...

uihh, exspensivenya toys ! mek bnyk beli lazada kalau soft toy tu.

Orked V. said...

bashh, gigih nya check price 1-1. kenape x approach staff pastu mintak die tunjuk je which one yg suit ur budget.

kitorg kalau masuk toysrus ni memang lama la.. apak nye yg terlebih excited. pastu asik nak beli bende bukan-bukan. yang xde dalam list pon boleh buat berpinar mata. hahahhaa

btw, sale ni sampai bile? sya mengidam satu patung minion ni. besar. tapi 300 lebih. rs cm mahal sangat la pulak sbb yg nak main bukan anak, mak nye. bhahahahahaha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Untungnya, Fiza! Ini cucu sulong untuk dua-dua family... Jadi kalau ada pun orang lain yang bagi.

Bukan adventure sikit, adventure banyak!

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Iyeke beli kat Lazada eh... Bolehla cuba nanti. Heheh

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahahah... Entahla tak terfikir pulak nak bertanya. Price checker pun takde pulak kan.

Memang, sya... Kadang kita yang terlebih excited! Sebab sekarang pun dah macam-macam dah toys, tak macam dulu limited sikit.

Bash guna kupon, dapat 30% off. Tapi kalau member, time birthday Adam boleh dapat rm30 off. Kira okayla kan. Bayar untuk minions tu rm270 je.. hahahah... tapi macam mahal la jugak. Hahahah