December 23, 2016

She could've slept longer

But I woke her up.

Sofia was sleeping in her pink hammock so calmly and I was just sitting on the sofa in front of her with my phone when suddenly it rains. Raining cats and dogs. Hujan lebat sangat. 

I was thinking seronoknya kalau dapat tidur. Hujan-hujan sejuk-sejuk ni dapat tidur. I looked at Sofia sleeping soundly in her hammock. Kan best kalau dapat menempel dengan Sofia hujan-hujan ni. 

I could have blogged or lipat kain or kemas rumah basuh pinggan and all. You know, all the house chores we can do when the baby is sleeping. But no I just don't feel like it. As for going online; updating the blog, Facebook pages, or Instagram, cannot also as my phone was almost out of battery.

Looking again at Sofia sleeping in her buai. I kind of wished she merengek a bit so I can pick her up. But no she didn't. Still sleeping so soundly eventhough hujan lebat guruh and all.

So I purposely didn't swing the buai. Enjut pun tak. The buai hang there so still. Static. I expected her to wake up. Nope. Still sleeping. 

Tak boleh jadi ni. So while she was still sleeping, I picked her up, laid her on the Toto, and lay down next to her. As I had guessed, she started to merengek. Hehehe... I immediately let her latch and we cuddled together sejuk-sejuk hujan-hujan.

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