December 14, 2016

Mothers unite

I was waiting for Iz outside the market while carrying Sofia in my arms when I saw a Chinese lady carrying her son. About 1 year old, I guess. But big enough to walk on his own because she carried him in one hand while the other carrying his shoes. 

I smiled at her and she smiled back. Why did I smile in the first place? I'm not so sure why... Maybe because I feel like we were in the same situation; carrying a kid. She smiled back and came to me. 

"Eh you know ada satu kain ni macam baju you boleh masukkan dia. Macam kangaroo pouch tu"

And we kept on talking around that topic. How her arms hurt as a result of always carrying her son like me until the extent of having to go urut, and that the pain stays until about one year. Honestly, though I acted cool carrying Sofia, truth is, my arms really hurt.

Iz and I was just planning to get one; based on past experience, tayar stroller tersangkut-sangkut di Toys "R" Us.

Anyhow, my main point here is not about getting a baby carrier or baby wrap. My main point here is that, once I became a mother, it seemed that I automatically have more friends. It seemed that all the mothers out there are my friends as well. We understand each other. It doesn't matter that she's a Chinese and I'm a Malay, as long as we are mothers, we unite.

Earlier before that, while waiting for Iz to pay for our breakfast, I saw a couple with a baby in a stroller looking for a place to sit. I immediately stood up and gave my place to them. I could have sat there and waited for Iz to finish paying baru gerak, but thinking about the baby (walaupun dalam stroller elok je tidur), and the mother kelam-kabut looking for a place, I believe I should just get up and gave them the seat there and then.

See? We mothers unite. 


shafiza said...

Yup, wait for another few months, when baby da besar dan tantrum kat public. Kita penat melayan anak, mak2 kat sekeliling pun ikut kesian kat kita siap pujuk anak kita sekali. Hihi

Orked V. said...

betul. macam dalam lift, sebelum ni kalau nampak sesama girls, masing2 buat hal sndr. tp kalau masing-masing dukung anak, baru la sembang. umor berapa la, berat berapa la (berat anak bukan berat mak) hahahahahahahaha

baby carrier is very helpful bila kita rush or bila kita jalan2 b2 with baby je. sya tak rasa secure jalan b2 ngn adam kalau dia dalam stroller. ie kalau terdesak nk shopping brg ke, while carrying baby dalam carrier, kite boleh focus kt shopping. klw dlm stroller, mmg x la. mata melilau pandang kiri kanan cuak. hahahahahaha.

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Heheh yeke... Mothers understand mothers kan. Cuma harap janganla Sofia tantrum in public... Gelabah dibuatnya....

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Haah dia macam ada bonding kan... Tau je apa nak tanya pasal anak masing-masing. Kalau dalam stroller takut juga terlepas pandang baby kita dalam tu.

Mommy Cici said...

betul tu. I yang pemalas nak bertegur sapa pun , lepas ada anak automatic akan berborak. main topic pasal anak je lah. umur berapa , wah cepatnya jalan, wah nampak tinggi and blablablabla.

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Haah macam berminat je nak bertukar cerita kan. Heh.