December 10, 2016

Impromptu trip to Sg. Petani with Sofia

It was so tiring! Tiring for me, not Sofia, I guess. The next day she still had the energy to try rolling over some more... As for me, I had headache and stomach ache and a whole bundle of laundry to do. Never going on an impromptu trip as far as that ever again!

Last Sunday morning, mum suddenly decided we should just go visit my Nenek Mah all the way in Hospital Sg. Petani there and then. I received a call the night before informing that she had been admitted to the ICU. I informed mum only the next morning. The plan was actually for mum to go by bus with my aunt on Monday but mum insisted we go that exact moment since we were all available because Iz works on Monday and I'll be left with the baby alone (but in the end Iz took a leave anyway). Managing our own business, we cancelled all classes on that day.

I just told Sofia the night before that we wouldn't be going jalan-jalan anywhere today because mama got a lot of things to do. Wanted to clean the house that day. Sekali pergi Kedah haa...

It was a very long journey! Iz drove all the way. My mum, Sofia, and I sat at the back. Sofia sat in her car seat... But not all the time. 

We took a break and had lunch at RnR Tapah where Iz and I took turns eating; something I always see couples doing and now we were doing it oh my what else are we going to face after this... Iz fed her while I ate. Later on I went to the toilet and had to witness one shit swirling down the bottom (even helped it go down faster by pouring more water in the bowl) because the water pressure was low and I think I should just hurry up and do my business because I have a baby waiting at the humid eating area. I'll just take what I can get. No time to wait for other stalls. Changed her diapers and continue the journey.

Sofia's first time at RnR Tapah. 

I was smart enough to bring medicine in case of anything.

 I actually had to hold her in my arms from RnR Tapah all the way to Ipoh... One, because she wanted to latch. Second, because she didn't want to sit in her car seat. Anything for you my child... She seemed calm and cozy in my arms, so there.

We arrived at the hospital around 3pm but visiting hours started at 4.30pm. So we waited at a relatives' house where we gave Sofia milk and changed her diapers... Three boys aged I think between 4 to 8 years old were there, playing and making noise. Biasalah budak-budak. Sofia. Well, Sofia decided she wanted to be part of the group too. Like part of the gang like that... She kept on wanting to jump and smiled a lot, I can see in her eyes that she was excited. Peer influence, eh?

Waiting at the hospital (had to take turns entering the ward coz babies aren't allowed), I can tell a huge difference between Iz and I when caring for Sofia. While I restricted other people and kids from mingling with Sofia, Iz was the friendly type. He would go 'bye bye abang' and 'bye bye kakak' while I, I would shift where I sat just so they wouldn't get too close with Sofia. Hahahah. But Sofia was a friendly kid (no strangers anxiety yet). Upon arriving, she smiled and babbled at the kids and parents smiling at her. She was the only baby who make a noise at the waiting area... I was really relieved when it was time to leave. Finally! Did you know that even those chairs got germs? And the kids there entah bersih ke tak tangan tu nak pegang-pegang tangan Sofia. Lega hoi lega! (Iz carried Sofia, sempat lagi bye abang bye kakak... Uh.)

We decided to spend the night at Sri Sayang, a serviced apartment in Batu Ferringhi. I wouldn't do a review on it because we booked a unit which has an owner. Baik buruk the unit is the owner's responsibility. Just that it was my first time renting a serviced apartment (with an owner)... I actually prefer fluffy hotel pillows instead of bantal lepek-lepek. But anyway, it was so impromptu that we just take what we can get. About RM100 per night for a unit with two bedrooms and two toilet.

Sofia was so relieved of finally getting to lie down! Can definitely tell from her face, there. Such tired face, too... Poor little girl.

 Bathed her in the kitchen sink while Iz went out to get us food. He got us KFC and went out again with my younger brother to find Sofia's milk. Ya susu Sofia tak cukup. Iz was the one who packed Sofia's milk. I packed her clothes. Looking back at the picture of the milk in the plastic and bottles at the rest area, I wonder why it doesn't occur to me that it wasn't enough. Iz gave me the same reason I gave mum when I didn't bring extra diapers to IOI City Mall before this, "Ingatkan sekejap je". 

No more. No more ingatkan sekejap je. When you travel with a baby, pack at least for a week. A week. Hahah melampau sangat. Tapi yes betul sebenarnya.

I tried breastfeeding her but I guess my milk supply dropped because I was too tired and hungry. Only had goreng pisang since lunch at the rest area. I'm a loser when it comes to travelling long distances... Now with a baby, I was flat out already by the time we reached the apartment, which was about 8pm already. Sofia was getting tired too... We tried distracting her by pointing out colourful lights outside the car. And it worked. Hahahah... Mum and I would go, "Sofia, lampu! Lampu, Sofia! Tu ada lagi lampu!"

Sofia had trouble going to sleep, I guess she was too anxious about the whole trip. Maybe she saw too much lights, too. I had trouble sleeping as well. Got diarrhoea and felt dizzy the whole night. Like I said, I'm a loser when it comes to traveling long distances. But I think it must be because I didn't eat much and at the same time had to nurse Sofia. Had to nurse her quite a lot in the car... I drink a lot but still, perut lapar kan.

Knowing mum (yang suka melencong), I packed Sofia's stuffs which is worth up to 3 days. Extra one day. I was so wrong... I should pack clothes for one week! The next morning she wet her pants and two beds. Both beds in both bedrooms... She even pooped some more! But not on the bed not to worry.

A very cheerful Sofia on a nice Monday morning after going breakfast-hunting around Batu Ferringhi. Sofia and I only stayed in the car while mum and Iz buy breakfast.

All five of us had a good sleep at the apartment before heading back home. Honestly, just thinking about another 4 or 5 hours in the car got me exhausted already. Seriously, I dreaded the long journey. Selagi tak sampai rumah selagi tu tak tenang. With an uneasy stomach and headache, I feel even worst.

We took a break at RnR Gunung Semanggol. Iz and I had lunch together while mum stayed in the car with Sofia and my younger brother. Felt a bit awkward having lunch just the two of us, without Sofia. Somehow I felt like I should hurry up. A bit guilty of leaving Sofia with mum too, eventhough she was sleeping.

We dropped by in Ipoh to visit dear atuk. We thought he might miss his cicit since it has been about a month since we last went back. Oh and I still haven't had the time to write about it. Hahah. But anyway, Sofia gets to lie down and I get to refresh myself a bit.

I had on the same outfit that I wore the day before. I did brought extra clothes, just that I wasn't confident I would be comfortable enough travelling in a black jubah for another 4 to 5 hours... 

By Maghrib, we were still on the road... Sofia mula gelisah. Thank goodness for city lights. Managed to keep Sofia distracted for quite a long time with lights from cars and buildings.

When we finally arrived home, my younger brother suddenly asked who has the house keys. Setelah perjalanan jauh dan yang kau inginkan hanyalah masuk ke dalam rumah. What. Question. Is. That.

Iz got the keys. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. There is certainly no better place like home.

Update on 14th December 2016: Earlier this morning I received a message, Opah Cik Mah passed away at 2.15am... 


Orked V. said...

bash, this reminds me of masa kitorg baru2 ada adam. kalau travel ke, balik kampung ke, even balik umah in law yang xsampai setengah jam pon, sya hangkot barang macam nak stay sebulan. Z bsing tiap kali nak mengangkut barang.

now dah pandai dah. plus bile dorg dah besar, dah tarahal dah. dlu sume bende medicine la, hatta repellent pon nak hangkot. konon yg kite punye organic. gigih. skrg kdg2 tu toiletries pon malas nak bawak. share je la omak punye eh. bhahahahahhaha

omei sofia :)

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahahaha! Share dengan mak eh.. Macam akan datang bila Sofia dah besar buat benda yang sama je...

Yela budak-budak kecik ni unpredictable la.. Tu yang angkut semua sekali tu.