October 4, 2016

My flax seed (LENNART Drawer Unit-IKEA)

So I bought two LENNART drawer units from IKEA. Priced at RM34.90 per unit, I bought two as the personal shopper offered a discount on her service. Usually she charged RM10 per unit, but if we buy two, the service charge is only RM15. It was my first time dealing with a personal shopper and I LOVE IT. Hehehe... I can get used to this.

I needed storage for Sofia's tiny clothes and all those boots and mittens. I didn't expect the drawer unit to be small, in the picture it looks quite large (padahal dah tulis width 30cm, depth 34cm, height 56cm). But it is just nice, I think. If it is too big, it'll take up more space. Just nice. Not too bulky, plus it has two tiny wheels at one side. The most I love about it is it's colour. I've always liked white furnitures, it looks clean.

I use the other one to store our daily shoes. Not much can be fit in but at least the shoes are not creating any mess. I still had to keep my heels in a cupboard. We didn't have a shoe cupboard; always frustrated when the male cats pee on the corner of it. I'm checking the IKEA catalogue for ideas, though. Hehe.

Oh. The flax seed issue. There was this one time I wanted to talk to Iz about this LENNART thing but forgot its' name. I forgot LENNART is LENNART. At that moment, the word flax seed kept playing on my mind. So I just said, "You know the flax seed, the white one you assembled tadi.." HAHA. I know what flax seeds are, okay. I just hope he gets it and ignore the word flax seed and just answer me. Just like how I would send him a message with a lot of typos and he would just ignore and answer it. Because I was nursing Sofia at that moment and just don't care as long as I send the message. It has gotten such a habit that cakap pun boleh typo.

Sofia watching papa assembling mama's Flax Seed.


yolanda diego said...

sy pun teringin nak beli. tgk mcm besar dlm gmbr. personal shopper ofer sy rm40

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Eh rm40 per unit murah... Mine jadi 40 plus tambah upah. Nope, kecil je sebenarnya.

Orked V. said...

this one wayyyyyy smaller than what i tot. nasib x beli. kebetulan ikea macam rumah kedua kitorg. sya prefer yg satu lagi ni bash. alamak, lupe pulak name die. drawer ala2 camni gak tp besar. sya beli 2 units untuk baju and barang2 adam. nanti sya share picture. that one best jugak. boleh combine2. yang ni actually stationery punye kan. sya jenis lurus. when it says stationery, then must put stationery lah. bila bukak fb tengok orang buat tmpt letak baju la, bawang la, ape la, i was like wt#, never think of sume bende tu. bile pegi balik sold out. bile dah dah taknak, bukan main berlambak kt ikea tu stock masok. hetchu ikea! uhukkk

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Seriously tak tahu pulak yang ni untuk stationery, sebab tengok orang semua duk letak baju je... hahaha. Rasa macam ada nampak yang tu, bakul dia lebih besar and banyak saiz boleh letak, kan.