October 19, 2016

Girls' nite out

It has been a very busy and stressful week for the seven of us. Eventhough we weren’t of the same course, we face pretty much the same thing. Assignments have to be submitted and at the same time we were bombarded with tons of quizzes and tests. 

We were already exhausted by mid week, but the thought of having a girls’ only night out on Friday kept us going. The thought of having fun shopping, watching movie all night, and eating until we burst helped us a lot in keeping our mind sound for the whole week. By Friday afternoon, all of us achieved our ultimate independence. Well, not until at least the next two weeks. But that would be another story.

Cutting things short, we set off in two cars at about 6pm. Our first destination was OCEAN, a mall in Melaka Raya. This was for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of one of our drivers. This might seem illogical, but we actually spend almost two hours searching for ‘one’ handphone! We were, of course, only students who depend on our parents for money. Therefore, the decision to buy even a small handphone needed critical thinking. Besides that, it definitely required excellent bargaining skills. 

Mission accomplished and a bucket of saliva already used up for bargaining, we headed to Masjid Al-Azim, one of the prettiest and biggest mosque in Malacca. Done performing our prayers, we excitedly went to Jonker Street. We had fun browsing through a lot of unique stuffs until our feet became sore. After that we went to The Jetty with the intention to karaoke. Unfortunately, we were a little bit late as it was about to close in 30 minutes time. 

Unhappy with the unfortunate event, we decided to fill our stomach. Our stomach was already grumbling so we decided to find a place that have these five elements, which are quality, quantity, delicious, cheap, and could make us full. It was already 3 am but after eating it was as if we just woke up. We were all fresh to stay up the whole night to travel to more places. There was more to our night out, but that was all you need to know. The rest would be ours to keep as our own sweet memories.

*I wrote this way back in 2009... Back during my diploma days in Lendu. Decided to upload it here to keep the memories. Aah... The good ol' days.


Mommy Cici said...

rindu 2009 T_T zaman study. girls night out.. lepaking sambil buat assignment, stress kat rumah hadap power point, terus sms kawan ajak lepak. movie, ahhh

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Kannnn!!!! Zaman study adalah paling best. Pergi overnight semua. Huhu