September 27, 2016

After Sofia

If I must state one thing that changed me after giving birth, it must be this; I started to appreciate and respect my mum more.

Managing the business together, I must say there are times (many times!) when we did argue. I have my own opinion, she has her own too. I admit to sometimes being harsh to her. 

But after giving birth, as a matter of fact, while being pregnant, I slowly realized I have been a bad daughter. I kept on thinking how on earth did she managed to still work while carrying me around. But the fact that I still worked up to third trimester didn't make me so insaf. HA. I was thinking, oh come on I worked too... Teruk.

DURING CONTRACTION IN THE LABOR ROOM was when I realized YA ALLAH KESIANNYA MAK. I wanted my mum by my side all the time, I wanted her to hold my hand all the time. I never needed her so bad as how much I needed her that time. And I also still had the time to think, why on earth did mum still wanted to have me? If it is this painful, why go for a second child??? Tak serik ke sakittttt......

That. Made me realized how much my mum had sacrificed for me. She could have just stopped at my brother, but no, she still gave birth to me.

I posted this on Facebook and got a lot of response. Most agreed and my lecturer even said, "Biasalah, sindrom mak-mak..."

Alhamdulillah, my husband got his lesson too. And I'm glad for that. Mudah-mudahan Allah kekalkan perasaan ini. Amin.


Mommy Cici said...

betul tu babe. sindrom mak mak.

setiap kesakitan yang kita rasa dari pregnant sampai lah ke labor semua menginsafkan. time tu la baru nak terfikir macam macam.

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hm. Betul... Alhamdulillah, kita diberi kesedaran.