August 24, 2016

Losing our minds

Sofia is now at that stage where she didn't want to sleep in her crib. She drinks a lot nowadays too... And she had this one habit my husband called, "Tidur sebelum kenyang..."

She would fell asleep in my arms while breastfeeding and when we put her to bed, 10 minutes later she would wake up already! Before this when she do fell asleep, we were quite sure she was full. It would last her two hours at least before the next session.

It was quite tiring to wake up just after 5 or 10 minutes later epecially after nearly an hour of breastfeeding. Just about to get your back straight and have to get up again.

Earlier this morning, from 4.50am to after Subuh we had just that routine. Nenen, tidur kejap, bangun. Until Iz suddenly said, "Anak ni boleh buat mak dengan ayah hilang akal kan"

True enough. For the last time, when Sofia finally sleep/ close her eyes, we were both like Charlie Chaplin. Cepat cepat weh kita ada 10 minit je untuk tidur! Iz hurriedly pull over the mosquito net over my bed and lied on his toto on the floor. Hahaha!

And Sofia? She slept until about 7am. And since then, she has been doing the same routine. She woke up again just now, tak nak nenen. She only wants to sleep in my arms. Yes, I'm writing this while my left arm is holding her.


Mommy Cici said...

hi babe. fahammmm sangat the situation. masa pantang first time I macam nak gila babe. belum kenyang dah tidur, lepas tu bila letak dia bangun balik. and one more thing I macam pening, sebab tidur bangun tidur bangun, sebab tu i decide untuk stay awake overnight, online ke apa ke. then Subuh I pass baby kat my mom ( dah campur FM) so I boleh tidur sampai siang. hahaha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Oh my.. Seriously thanks for sharing your experience jugak. Rasa macam good I'm not alone in this. Hahahah! Tak lama habis pantang, yes!

Proudmom said...

uwaaaa,teringat dlm pantang aritu..mmg xcukup tidur, baby asik nk nenen n jap2 kne tukar alhamdulillah..skrng dua2 dah besar, boleh tdo puas2..haha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Heheh.. tak sabar juga nak habis pantang tapi sekarang ni nak rehat lagi puas2.. haha