July 29, 2016

Stop feeding me!

Makan banyak salah, tak makan banyak also salah.

At 37 weeks now, I weigh 49.5 kg. In just two weeks time, I gained 1.5 kg. I was surprised but at the same time happy at my weight gain. I thought I did a good job in growing myself/ the baby. Drinking milk and all.

Until I went in to see my doctor and she ran a scan to check Baby A's weight.

Baby A is now 2.9 kg... She gained a good 400 g in just two weeks. 

My doctor said I have to make sure the baby didn't grow so big as it will be hard for me to push her out. I'm such a small person that a big baby may leave me no choice other than go for cesarean. 

Deep inside, I was blaming my husband and this one male doctor I met. The doctor told me to add another 10 kg, at that moment I just gained a freaking 3 kg in just one month (yes, minum air gula thank you). Mak already advised not too have a big baby, susah nak teran ah lelaki tau apa bukan dorang yang beranak... And my previous doctor also advised the same.

And then came this hungry monster phase. If I'm hungry (even late at night), I would cry myself to bed. This happened several times that it has been a habit of Iz to ask me everyday before coming home from work, if there is anything I'd like to eat. And what's with the statement if you didn't get what you want, later on your baby's air liur meleleh... I kept using this as an excuse. Nanti anak air liur meleleh... So get me what I want. And he did. He get me EVERYTHING I want.

And oh, I also didn't fast most of the time during Ramadan. Because I read that one lady forced herself to fast during Ramadan, and when she went for her monthly check up, the doctor said her baby's growth is affected.

All that, sums up how I gained as much as I am now and how the baby grew as much as that.

Do I have to eat less now? I finally asked the doctor. A silly question, I know. But it's better to be silly than do something wrong, right? Basically she advised me to eat less rice and less fatty food.

After the check up, Iz and I went to Ani Sup Utara. Iz got himself two servings of rice while I had kuetiaw sup. Not fulfilling at all. Seriously.


orked violet @ SYA said...

hahahha. same la kite bash!

my morning sickness ended masa dalam 5th month camtu. bayangkan 5 months, battled with makan-confirm-keluar balik. once i gaot my appetite back, imagine lah. memang 5 months punya craving sya balass habiss.

and yeah, adam was 3.3 kg, keluar after his mommy's 3rd induce.
kite bersalin payahhh bash. nangisss. my mom sampai ckp "ko ni ikot sape yg beranak susah ni?" hahahahahaha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Alhamdulillah, Sya! 3.3 kg besar tu... Tapi kan, beranak mana yang tak susah? Baru rasa peritnya nak beranak... huu. Alhamdulillah syukur semuanya selamat :')