July 22, 2016

Our new tool: Fujimoto brush cutter

We finally bought a brush cutter!
Fujimoto brush cutter.
We bought it for only RM 450 at a shop in Kajang, in front of Maybank.

We've been using the Bosch grass trimmer all these while to trim our lawn. It worked pretty well despite being only a grass trimmer (we use it more like a cutter, cut the whole lawn!) but the only problem is it works using electricity. So there were some spots that were not reachable. We even had to use 3 extensions at one time! We've tried using the coil extension before, the one with one plug and goes round and round. Somehow it got overheated and the cable inside melted... Wuu... So scary...

Besides our lawn, we also wanted to clear up the bushes outside our house. Hence the brush cutter. 

So far I think it is a good purchase. It operates using a mix of petrol and another type of oil (minyak tuti? Not so sure what other people call it). 


orked violet @ SYA said...

minyak tuti? hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

awat comel naww bash! hahahahahaha

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahahhahaha! Memang orang panggil minyak tuti... 😂😂😂