July 16, 2016

Not giving up yet

Water retention on both legs, late night sudden leg cramps, sore back, hands feeling numb, frequent trips to the toilet, tummy being kicked and punched so hard from the inside that sometimes it shows on the surface, sitting like an elephant, lying down and getting up like a tortoise, walking like a fat duck...

I should be resting by now.

Today I think I overworked myself. Gardening and laundry in the morning, grocery shopping in the afternoon, cleaning the pool in the evening, scrub the bathtub, organize folders, rearrange clothes in the closet... I didn't do all that on my own. My brother and mum assisted me (in other words, 'I' assisted them). By Maghrib, I was really exhausted I feel like crying. Because I know that I've reached my limit and that I should stop. 

I still lingered around the kitchen to see what I could help, though. Still forcing myself despite my legs hurting already. Mum must have noticed. As soon as she told me to go lie down, I immediately left the kitchen and lay down, hung my feet high on the sofa. Usually I would still help around eventhough she told me off. This time, nope. Cannot tahan already. Angkat bendera putih surrender...

But not for long. Kesian and also guilty of  hearing keletang keletung keletang keletung in the kitchen, I went back to help. Legs shaking already but I'm committed. I suddenly remembered what mil said, "Perempuan ni kuat semangat"

True enough. It is our semangat that keeps us going.

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