July 8, 2016

Disposing my teenage angst diaries

One my 101 things to do in 2016- dispose all teenage angst diaries. Been procrastinating to do it since I'm such a nostalgic person... I keep every single thing, segala mak nenek according to mum. Boxes, wrapping papers, ribbons, receipts... But this time I know that I really, really have to dispose them all now. I know for sure once this new kiddo came in to the family, I'll have no time to clean them all up. I'll be busy collecting and keeping memories of this new kiddo, for sure.

Those are the ones left. I burned about 5 or  6 books already. Yes, I do write a lot. Starting from standard 6 all the way to form 5, and semester 1 diploma. Hahaha... Decided to dispose them all as there were just too much negativity I didn't want other people to read it.


Mommy Cici said...

burned? T_T

I still ada diary masa I 10 tahun. semua cerita pasal kawan baik dirampas orang, crush sana sini blablabla bff ada bff baru etc etc. what a memory. tapi anak anak i dah koyak and conteng buku tu T_T

Now I terfikir patut ke I bakar jugak >,<

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahah... Epic betul masih simpan lagi! Haah, I bakar sebab banyak sangat mengumpat orang dalam tu... Crush pun banyak... Hahahah.. Takut kantoi~