July 13, 2016

Can you see me, mommy?

Went for my monthly check up yesterday. The most exciting thing I look forward to during every appointment is definitely watching Baby A on the screen.

Starting from the third trimester, it is quite difficult to see her full body on the screen. It's either face only, or feet only. Baby A has grown so much we could see her eyes, nose, and mouth already (Yes, Baby A is a girl, InshaAllah). Only thing is, this time around I'm not sure which one is which. My doctor would point it out but later when I got home to see for myself on my own, I'd lost it.

During yesterday's appointment, 35 weeks already, Alhamdulillah, we did a scan. I am now 48 kg and my fetus weight is 2.5 kg. My weight before pregnancy was 39 kg, by the way.

My doctor went, "Haa... See her eyes... Her cheeks... Oh such chubby cheeks!" Lying on the bed, I stared at the screen ahead of me trying to figure out where exactly are the cheeks. I must have looked confused. She tilted the screen in front of her and pointed it out with her finger. "Ni... Mata, hidung..."


Back home I viewed the video again with Iz (he recorded almost the whole thing). Apparently he didn't get it as well. I had to point it out many times! Finally he said, nevermind, I'll get to see you in just one month.


Mommy Cici said...

hi awak. oh 35 weeks ye, kita 33weeks. due date 25/8. seram laaaaa ;D

orked violet @ SYA said...

prepregnancy weight - 39 kg???

bash, kalau kite jmpe Sya boleh dukung bash kot. hehehehhe

35 weeks dah. kite yg nevesss. syok kan ade baby.. hiks

Proudmom said...

waa...mesti excited kan nak tggu baby A, good luck dear.
done follow both; google and ur blog =)

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Wah...! Dekat-dekat la kita! Semoga dipermudahkan kita berdua wuu 😊😊😊

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Hahaha! Bash memang kurus dari dulu lagi. Tolong doakan kita eh 😊

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Tq, proudmom! Dah follow juga 😊 Selamat datang ke dunia blogging 😊