July 2, 2016

The P phase

Frequent visits to the toilet to pee phase. Haa... I can feel it coming just anytime. And if I got up or suddenly walked too fast, I'd immediately feel it coming. Zapp! Just like that. There were also times when Baby A kicked (or punched, I don't know also) hard that I actually went, "Adoi!". Because it was so sudden and so hard! Sometimes I purposely walk slow to avoid 'the feel'...

I always tahan when I'm sitting. Not a good thing I know, but I'm trying to change that. Sometimes I just went to the toilet and less than 10 minutes already feel like pee-ing again! With this big tummy, getting up from the floor is a tough job okay... Going out is another thing. I already went to the toilet before going downstairs, Iz waiting for me outside. Grabbed my handbag, ready to go out, then I feel it coming.... "Kejap, kejap, kejap! Gi toilet jap!" Iz looking at me, "Bukan tadi dah gi toilet?"

What... When nature calls, you just gotta go.

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